The 12th Army

Does anyone have any information on the "12th Army"? They may have been around in Malaya just after WW2


Wikipedia, 0.32 second search time: Interesting that first formation was fictional, but you can read that bit

Twelfth Army (United Kingdom)

Type above into google and see what happens.
Many thanks; I had got the American bit but not the British one.
My friend met some old chap who said that he had spent time with the 12th Army and not many people had heard of it. He is/was something very clever with radio so that would make sense
Here's a bit more; it may jog someone's memory

Thanks for this - I think this is what Alan was talking about:-
"The second British Twelfth Army was formed on 28 May 1945, to take control of operations in Burma from the Fourteenth Army, which was being withdrawn to plan for Operation Zipper, the planned invasion of Malaya by amphibious assault, which was due to take place in August 1945. The army HQ was created by re-designating the HQ of the Indian XXXIII Corps, under Lieutenant-General Sir Montagu Stopford. It took over one of Fourteenth Army's main combat formations, IV Corps which was temporarily commanded by Lieutenant General Francis Tuker, with 5th, 17th and 19th Indian Divisions and 255th Indian Tank Brigade under its command. Twelfth Army assumed direct command of 7th and 20th Indian Divisions, together with 22nd East African Brigade. Static formations under its control included 505 District and South Burma District.
There were still Japanese formations in Burma at this time, with IV Corps having the responsibility for driving them out of the remainder of the country. The Japanese tried to break out from the Allied armies closing in on them, and although suffering heavy casualties, did succeed in rescuing many of their formations.
After the war, Twelfth Army continued in existence until 1 November, when it was re designated Burma Command."
There's also some rather good pictures on a PDF file of unhappy looking little slitty-eyed yellow chaps being told what to do do by AC2 Plonk. I'll try and get them copied on to this post
I saw this thread and I'm not sure if it's still alive since the last post was back in 2011. My mother was a Welfare Officer with Toc H and was with the British 12th Army who were based on the shore of Lake Meiktila, Burma in 1946 - I have a few pictures I could post if anyone is interested.
Going through family docs. Found dad's 'Officer's Record of Service'. includes posting orders dated 11/08/1945 and 16/08/1945 from ALFSEA to 12th Army confirms dad appointed command 2 FAMO. Also found typed history, including maps, written by dad "Operations in Burma and Assam 1942-1945." I know very little about this op (vague recollections of Chindits!) as dad died in 1973 when I was 16 but you're welcome to copies if you're interested.
Very briefly, HQ 12th Army took over in Burma in the very final stages of the campaign when HQ 14th Army was withdrawn to prepare for the invasion of Malaya. It was formed by redesignating 33 Indian Corps and commanded by the same GOC, Lt Gen Monty Stopford.
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