The 10 Worst Tanks

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by short-fuse, Jul 14, 2005.

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  1. OK,

    We have had the 10 best tanks which most are roughly agreed on. How about the 10 worst.

    Here is my two peneth:

    1. Cheiftain AVRE particularly the Willich variant ( there is no need to explain).
    2. Crusader (a 60 tonne nightmare)
    3. Sherman (Zippo lighter that it was).
    4. Wippet
    5. T-62 (very crap replacement for T-55 that didn't work).
    6. A-7 (German WW1 Tank).
    7. Valentine (moved at 4 MPH and had a pop gun).
    8. Jagd Tiger (not technically a tank buy 80 tonne mechanical nightmare).
    9. KV-1 (Russian early war behemoth that the Germans totalled in seconds).
    10. Maus (100 tonne mechanical nightmare again from our Aryan cousins 1945 vintage)
  2. Anything Italian?
  3. The M1 Combat Car?

    It's main gun was a .50 cal, and it had armour slightly thicker than Wet-paper. It could move though.
  4. Put some piccies in of these bits of kit - it makes the thread much more enjoyable....
  5. i met an old chap who had nothing but hate for the churchill tank
  6. Another ten worst tanks – sadly, the majority are British!

    Conqueror (Heavy tank of the 60’s – so bad that Chieftain was a great improvement.)
    Tortoise (80 ton monster that was too big and heavy for most bridges)
    Covenanter (Cruiser tank made with low grade materials and only used for training.)
    A9 (Early wartime cruiser tank with paper thin armour and a gun that wouldn’t penetrate panzers)
    A13 (Ditto)
    Mk 6 Light Tank. Chronically unreliable recce vehicle – my father had one shot from under him in Greece ’41)
    M 103 (US Heavy tank of the 1960s built to counter the Soviet JS 3. The Army wouldn’t accept it so the Marines got it. Never used in action.)
    M551 (US tank with a 152mm low pressure gun that that shook the wagon to pieces when it fired. The gun also fired missiles)
    Neubaufahrzeug (German inter-war tank that had a 75mm gun, coax 37mm and MG in the turret and two little MG turrets on the front corners. Unfortunately the Germans developed the Panzer 3 and 4 as parallel programmes)
    M11/39 (Italian tank with a 37mm gun in the hull. Paper is too thick to describe the armour)
  7. Just going to be disagree on some of these SF, mainly to be churlish, as thats the kind of guy I am...

    Wasn't Crusader a WW2 cruiser tank - coming just before Cromwell. Admittedly not a great tank by any stretch of the imagination - rivetted armour, FFS - but not a 60 ton leviathen, methinks.

    Well, it was the Ronson of fame, but made a massive contribution to victory and more popular with its British crews than most British tanks. Its predecessor, the M3 Lee/Grant would have been a better choice. Crew of 7, main gun in the hull and as tall as a tall ship. And still a Ronson.

    The first light tank, and 1st tank with a turret, albeit fixed, if I'm not mistaken. OK, probably not as good as the FT-17 - 1st revolving turret - but groundbreaking in its day

    Nothing very much to shout about, but laid the foundations for the JS-2, JS-3 and T-10 series, all big scary tanks in their day - 122 mm gun in 1944 FFS!

    This, however, you would know all about, and I wouldn't, so I defer to you on this one.;) Also agree on the A7V. I would also add the folowing:

    Schneider - French WW1 pile of converted tractor rubbish.
    St Chamond - see above.
    In fact, almost anything French.
    Almost anything Italian.
    A worrying number of British tanks as well.
    Arjun - India's first MBT. India decided that, being a sovereign nation state, she didn't need anyone's advice on how to build a tank. And, rather predictably, made all the mistakes that the rest of the world made over the preceding 80 years.
  8. Interesting link, thanks rh.

    This Russian WW2 tank commander speaks quite highly of his "Emcha" (M4 Sherman). His Corps also had British Matildas, Valentines, and Churchills which he is less complimentary about. Other veterans' accounts on the same site mention other allied-supplied equipment eg Bedford trucks.