The 10 Dollar Taliban

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Skynet, Sep 6, 2007.

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    Pounding the 10 Dollar Taliban
    By Alex Crawford
    Helmand, Afghanistan
    Thursday September 06, 2007

    British troops have been pounding Taliban positions in the Upper Gareshk Valley in southern Afghanistan in an attempt to hold the front line.

    Sky's Alex Crawford in HelmandA small outpost of hope is in the firing line but despite almost daily attacks the soldiers of Alpha X-Ray patrol base are holding out.

    A cardboard sign with "Welcome To The Frontline" greets you when you arrive at the camp. Underneath are the words "Caravan - 200 Metres".

    And this must be the closest camp to the Taliban fighting position.

    The troops of 2nd Battalion The Mercian Regiment and 23 Pioneer Regiment, who are attached, have been holding out here for four months now, and it's survival of the fittest.

    This is where sleep is short and you can see the enemy almost daily.

    Days are spent patrolling and reassuring the villagers of Rahim Kalay, which used to be a Taliban stronghold until British troops took control in June.

    Three soldiers died in the battle to secure the area, and four months on their fellow soldiers are still fighting to keep the Taliban out.

    Even as we arrive at the camp, we are ushered quickly inside the barbed wire and beyond the armed soldiers.

    "We have reports there are Taliban moving out there," says Lt Aaron Browne, commander fire support group 2nd Battalion The Mercian Regiment.

    And so begins another typical day for Alpha X-Ray. They don't sleep much here.

    Sleep is short: a soldier on night watchSeveral smoke bombs are fired to try to flush the Taliban fighters out of the compound opposite the base, just a couple of hundred metres away and used regularly by the fighters to launch attacks against the British.

    The troops can actually see them in their long-range lenses. And as soon as one fighter dies, another replaces him.

    Lt Gregg McLeod, platoon commander 23 Pioneer Regiment, which is part of Royal Logistics Corps, described them as "like a conveyor belt" of fighters.

    "The dead are just replaced. The commanders don't care. They just keep sending the 10 dollar Taliban forward as cannon fodder."

    The closest camp to the Taliban positionAnd the Taliban keep on getting hammered but keep on coming back for more.

    At dark, Alpha X-Ray quickly spot a group of fighters moving towards them. First they fire smoke bombs to scare them, even flush them out.

    When that has no effect, they fire mortars, round after round. Then the rooftop is crowded with soldiers opening fire, using rapid-fire machine guns, even rifles.

    And then air support is called in. The back-up team at FOB (Forward Operating Base) Sandford co-ordinates US F-15s to fly over and then unleash a 500lb bomb on Taliban positions.

    The troops on the rooftops whoop with relief and joy. For them it's a job well done. The trouble is they may well be doing this all over again tomorrow.
  2. Good drills lads!

    Only 10 dollars for a taliban? (or 5 on Ebay)

    Maybe we should hire a few and use them as Fig 11's on Optag? Targets will fall when hit.
  3. Well done the chunkies.
  4. Outstanding work , the Mercians and Pioneers.
  5. :( I see that the Taliban just got $24 million from S korea to release the S Korean holy rollers who decided to drive in a bus to spread the message, when will holy rollers learn it is not their play ground, so thats a lot of 10 dollars for another 2,400,000. Taliban, bloody lot of targets to shoot at, sod it, Parkistan has 150,000,000 population, so 2,400,000 more 10 dollar Taliban not unrealistic is it :?: :?: :?:
  6. Could I hire a few to keep at home to clean, cook decent curries, behead the neighbours if they play their music too loud, etc.?
  7. Hmmm for that many smelly fig 11's some sort of thermonuclear device may be the order of the day.. and it would make one hell of an APWT to boot!
  8. Any chance to denigrate the Pakistani's, eh Herrenbloke...sorry, Cad.
    If you used your brain and didn't just deal in propaganda you'd realise this story tells you a great deal about the current situation in AFG.
    We Brits are besieged - nothing new there, we have been since we arrived. Forget the 'ten Dollar' stuff too, that stinks of some 'not very' intelligence officer. So what does their willingness - no, eagerness - to fight us tell you? Anything about their morale, their hatred of us and our culture, their determination to drive us out?
    For once, try thinking outside your simplistic, bigotted box...Big effort now Cad, try being objective.
  9. 8O 8O 8O The Soviets could not win ,so it will be a bloody tough fight with British and U.N. limited resources, and the Soviets had airpower, and used some chemical weapons :?: I think. Not good for British Forces :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:
  10. Sky:
    And this is good is it? Sounds more like humdrum production report from an out door abattoir to me.
  11. I believe this time round we are using different tactics learning from the mistakes of our predecessors, hence the Taliban isn't getting a fothold on AFG, personally I don't mind if more Taliban dies, even less living to fight you I say, keeps the numbers down, just keep slotting them.
  12. Actually I was denigrating our mutual enemy The Taliban, plenty of innocent Pakistani citizens have also suffered at their hands.

    I am more than aware of their hatred of us, the point is how do you fight such blind unreasoning hatred? Certainly hearts and minds has its place as far as non combatants are concerned but ultimately by his very nature the only reasonable course of action to take with Terry Taliban is to kill him in large numbers, wherever you find him.

    The sooner people realise this thing is far bigger than Iraq or AFG and that it is indeed a battle for the soul of the entire planet.

    If we do not fight them, they will still fight us. If we do not kill them, they will still kill us. If we do not defeat them with all means at our disposal then the future for the free peoples of earth doesn't bear thinking about.

    What is your solution? Appeasement or surrender?
  13. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Try to be objective will you Healing!! FFS, it's about Islamists AND heroine dealers. The Islamists see this as a fertile ground for jihad against the infidel, the poppy growers know what will happen next if the jihadists get defeated; this being that the poppy fields are next.

    As far as they are concerned, it's very much in their interests to keep Nato/UN out of Afghan for these and a multitude of other reasons. It is got pretty much nothing to do with the sovereignty of Afghanistan.

    This being the case, the more forces and backup we can get in situ to send them on their way to their virgins, the better. Only problem is, there's an awful lot of them, and more arriving every day. We would do well to control the border areas a little better, using where possible, counter-talibani indegenous populations in those areas, a bit like the Malayan campaign. Bearing in mind the crippling poverty of the place, how much money do you think it will take to keep them onside?
  14. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Please disregard hansvonhealing's advice, and go back to being a narrow-minded, racist bigot - plenty will support you.
    The simplistic, one dimensional visionary stuff is even worse....
  15. Well said that man.