The 1.5 miler 2nd week of running and diet.

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by potentialpara1, Mar 7, 2009.

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  1. Alrite Guys,
    I want to join the para regiment and I was wondering if anyone can give me any sort of indication how long it will take me to get my 1.5m run speed up to scratch.

    Firstly what time is it the para's expect on a 1.5m run, I do know the Royal Marines look for anything under 9.30m and also a 3 miler in under 24 minutes. They do seem to have alot more information that is easier to find across the internet.

    My actual run time for the 1.5 miler is 10.34 seconds and I have only started running within the past 2 weeks, my original time was 11.10. My first run was my first in around 5 years and I got alot of acheing muscles that night, but the ache's and pains have now gone and I can now run freely with no pains after stretching before hand and cooling down afterwards.

    Does anyone know how long it will take me to knocked 2 mins of the run?? I'm running every other day and have done for 2 weeks this is my 3rd week starting today. and I plan to continue the trend.

    Also any information on a diet would be great I been eating alot of chicken and beans and wholemeal bread as I was told do on the Royal Marines website by a potential marine is this correct??? Also have been drinking alot of pure orange juice eating apples and grapes at 100g a time, am I doing this correctly, please pick out my floors and correct them for me.

    I am also a heavy smoker and think this may be affecting my run speed, but can't be sure of it as my chest "does not" tighten up as when running as i thought is possibly would,l I smoke 10 a day without fail.

    Any information and help would be fantastic lads and thanks for reading.
  2. Do a quick search mate, all this has been covered loads of times on here
  3. 1. Bin the fags
    2. 9.40 below for paras.
    3. take you maybe a month or two to drop it down.
    4. Interval train, hill training, weights on legs
    5. Diet sounds good.

    It took me 3 months to get down from 14.30 to 10.30. And I went on insight course and got 9.57 and last week at a pre selection two months later I got 9.22.

    Just keep testing youself with a stop watch and gain confidence by knocking off time. Until your doing 9 min 1.5 milers.

    All about consistent training and mixing it up.
  4. Jk22, what do you mean by interval training??

    I've heard the para's do make you do alot of hill work and watched a video on the Pcoy not to long ago it did look demanding. Do you think I should start carrying a back pack with weights in and going up and down the hills in the local park etc..

    How should I fit that into my training regime because I'm doing the 1.5 miler every other day and I hope to skip injury throughout my training. Also do you think I should join boxing?, On the video I watched of Pcoy, there was the Milling session which is 1 minute of controlled aggression?, dont get me wrong I can handle myself but some of them blokes can't half fight and alot of the lads ended up getting floored, haha. I certainly want to be able to hold my own in the ring when I join! and I would definately give it my all no matter who I was up against, or I hope I would

    Also the Royal Marines training for upper body strength does not tell you to use any kind of weights just pussups pullups sit ups etc, is this the right way to go about it?
  5. Well I'm a complete fanny mate. Why worry about something thats gonna take 60 secs which is months away. Just hold back a bit. Like you I want to join the paras, but your getting slightly ahead of yourself. Now I might be talking a load of shit, but so far what I'm doing is good enough for selection.

    Just concentrate on your run time at selection, do some circuit training as they will do that at selection the night before the run. I'm not sure about running with weight on your back, as A) to me it looks gay and you aint in yet B) At catterick they progress you into running with weight on your back.

    After passing selection and gaining a place at catterick for para course then you can try it out, but its unneccessary as it isn't tested at ADSC. But you can still do it.

    Interval training example- Say you have a hill a steep incline and then a downhill. You murder it like linford christie uphill, and then jog down and then maybe take 30 secs rest and then murder it uphill again. Say do that for 45 mins. Increases speed and VO2 capacity.

    I'm no expert mate. Just use the search function on this site and spend some time reading about peoples experiences for adsc.

    Good luck though.
  6. You have got 20 weeks of fitness to do before P company. They ll only let you take the tests if your physically ready.
  7. Just do whats necessary to get into the army. I thought for months if I get massive they ll let me in. They don't give a shit about stuff like that. Its Run time 1.5 miler, Press ups, Sit ups, Heaves.

    Anything else you do is extra.
  8. Thanks great advise, il concentrate on the necesities before going any further, hopefully the army will change me into the man I want to be. I am greatful for your help and also wish you the best of luck with your application, who knows maybe we could be in the same troop one day, punishing ourselves, thanks again
  9. I think the biggest thing I've learnt, from my training and the insight course, is that you ve got to want it. the days when you cant be assed to run are the days to go running. Just prepare for selection and smash it. Worry about all the shite your gonna get at Catterick when your there and even then just ignore that shite. One of the guys at the insight course said, you never win during training. They always kill you. Its just a game. Play the game and don't give up and you ll pass
  10. hello mate,
    I started training about two months ago and my running time was really bad!! first thing i done was drop the cigs they really slow you down i done alot of cv work in the gym plus endurance runs i.e up hill and long runs
    to start with i was doing a run every morning for 20 mins.
    i now do my 1.5 mile in nine mins so just keep training and as u practise u will get faster good luck
  11. Andy_S

    Andy_S LE Book Reviewer

    Eh? I am a recreataonal athlete and am a 42 years old journalist and I do a mile, comfortably, in about eight minutes.

    If you want to join the British Army's elite regiment then MTFU. You can sort your fitness out in just over a month. Dont talk about it, just do it
  12. You are a tw@t.

    Running with weight on you back looks gay?
    Being in the army isn't a fashion parade. I run with weight on as much as I can, as its fecking helped me out a lot.
  13. Andy,I am new to this site what does MTFU stand for? Also I have been training, I got 10.05m tonight of the 1.5miler smashed my previous run of 10.34mins, Just wanted to know if I was A) Upto the required standard in regards to 2 weeks training and B) When can I expect to get into the 8.00-9.30 bracket. I just wanted anyone with experience of running at my speeds at the start of their training, to tell me how long it took them to get to the level I want to be at.I have set a goal of 7.00 but that is just to push me harder, I don't realistically expect to get that but il strive to do so.

    Also I did think using weights would benefit me to be honest, just wasn't sure if it was the right time to use them, but il fit that in somewhere in my training.

    Thanks anyway guys again great information!
  14. That's a big bracket mate. To be honest 10min is a good starting point. (I mean I remember a lad from basic who left in the first week, with a brilliant time of joke!) I'd recommend fartlek training, I don't know about anyone else, but that helped me get my time down.
  15. Haha 16 mins.... thats a bad effort that m8, but I dont like to Yeh its is a big bracket isn't it, lets go with 9.00-9.30 shall we. I mean I'm running 10.05 now so I'm only 35 secs of the 9.30 mark and Ive only been running for 2 weeks. I am not expecting to go in until a good few months yet, maybe even 6 months to be honest, I've got alot of work on with strength and endurance etc....What is the average run time for a new recruit is it 10.00......