The 1.5 mile run training

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this may have been asked a few times before but here it goes.

for the last 2 months i been doing gym sessions every other day doing fart-lek, endurance, etc

my 1.5 mile run in the gym has went from around 14 mins to around 12 mins. you hear some people say treadmill training for the 1.5 miler does not really gain you any positives. my question is. why do i find it that bit harder running on the road than i do on the treadmill the treadmill i usually have at a 0.5 - 1% incline which i was told represents a none flat surface and the roads are basically either flat or a small ish hill in both incline or decline on my route.

should i be dropping the treadmill training and focusing on just running on the road. last thing i want is to attend selection and end up shafting my self and getting a slower time altho i heard on the day with all the adrenaline and running in a pack you can sometimes get a better time...
You need to get off the treadmill and outside. Yes, it is harder outside, but the test and future running is outside. Treadmills are OK as part of training, but there is no substitute for outside!
worst thing i find about outside is the fact that when i am running i tend to inhale through my nose and i find it gives me a good rhythem...but it tickles back of my throat and nose so i end up in sneezing fits and looking like a snotty little child lol. i have no woes about running outside as on xmas day i did a 3 miler from mine to my dads and found it rather good i just find it hard to figure out why i carnt do as well!!!
Asherz said:
should i be dropping the treadmill training and focusing on just running on the road...
basically, yes...

dont worry about comparing treadmill times with running outdoors, times from the gym are irrelevant. The work your doing at the gym is good cardio exercise but theres nothing like a run outdoors!

Get yourself a 3 mile route and know your half way point, don't worry about time for the first 1 1/2 mile, use that as a warm up then give it your best on the second half.

I've recently changed my training plan and i still go to the gym but don't use the treadmills, instead for running i'm doing a couple of 3 mile runs during the week and a long run 6 - 10 mile on the weekend. The runs during the week are 'round the block' on pavements, with a longer run on the weekend being on tracks in a country park, theres all kinds of surfaces from dirt to gravely sandy stuff, lots of inclines too... I've also dropped two sessions a week at the gym in favour of swimming.

Don't think it's all about the gym, and thats coming from someone who use to be at the gym 6 nights a week!

Best of luck with your training...
lol i couldnt do 6-10 miles i can do about 3miles like i did on xmas day with a very steep hill on the last 1/4 of a mile. were i live there is not really very many country park etc as i live in a build up area. my 1.5 mile route is either from mine to the police station in next villege or from mine to a scout hut and back. my old route which was great and involves running grassy and hilly bits with pavements i had to stop due to the fact the schools which the route cut through were sick and tired of burnt out cars appearing on the fields so locals chavs ruined that for me. what distance should i be able to complete for when i go to basic ?
Wots the time these days for the mile and a halfer, it used to be 11.30 mins then cut to 10.30 mins, so i used to manage either 9 mins on a good day and 9.30 on a bad day lol. I thot they binned the bft ? Yer training will build you up in terms of distance but best to be as fit as b4 u join. I never ever ran on a treadmill in my life. Best to run outdoors and build up the distances and over varying terrain.
lolol i know a mate of mine who i went college with to do public service course used to be a porker and unfitter than me...but he joined r.a.f last year and now asking me to go on 5 mile runs this week am like....yer.... but al have to stop lol and he was like bollocks if you stop you will keep stopping! ! but true i never tried i used to be like 10 years ago when i was 12 a county cross country runner but life started going to pot at home with my parents and i started eating muffins stopped playing football etc! so i know i have good endurance inside me its just getting it back! and the run now the maximum time for the run is 12.45 for infantry. 13.15 for r.a. r.a.c etc. but i think if you got 12.45 they would fail you unless you did real dapper in the other tests
You need to train for a 1.5 mile run?
when your me and you aint did x-country or football or any sport other than getting your leg over its best to start from the beggining and work ya way up. not all people who wanna join the army are like uber fit lol. plus gives you something to aim for so the motivation to keep training is always there
Use the search function. There's a whole forum dedicated to training, a totteringly huge thread devoted to the 1.5 mile run and at least one mention of treadmills and their uselessness somewhere else in this forum.
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