The £ against the €

I have been watching the currency ratings for some time now, and it seems that the £ is strengthening against the €. The exchange rate has been hovering around 1.20 for about 3 weeks now so surely the FFR should soon be changing to be inline with the current exchange rates!

Is anyone involved with these decisions out there to answer this queiry?, as my SPS staff out here have no idea of what is happening.
The FFR stands for Forces Fixed Rate, that's because it's like kind of like FIXED. It will change eventually, but in the interests of consistency, if daily and hourly fluctuations were considered the military would never get round to paying anything.

If you don't like it have your money paid into a UK account and take your chances with the banks.
IIRC the FFR is review every three months so even though at the minute it may be lower than what the exchange rate is, there would have been times when it was higher since the last review.

Its funny how you never see anyone complain about the FFR when it is higher than the exchange rate!

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