Thats why were CHAMPIONS!!!

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by drain_sniffer, Apr 29, 2006.

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  1. What a way to win the premiership. Im sure the abuse will follow, but for now I will bask in the glory of back to back wins

    He's here, he's there, he's every F*&king where, Joe Cole, Joe Cole....

    :lol: :D :wink: :lol: :D :wink: :lol: :D :wink:
  2. Yeah well done Chelski.....jeez West Ham would be champions if we had your dosh....not difficult.
    Shame you can't get past the Champions League Semis eh??
    Stick your blue flag up your arse lol
    Hey.....aint got a cup final ticket going spare have yer seeing as though you're not there?!
  3. Most appreciated cole goal, especially as I'm sat in the far east surrounded by Indonesian and phillipino Man U fans!!
  4. Its not about the money though is it (although it helps) Mourinho has just one his FOURTH back to back title. Cant argue with that. Besides West Ham can claim some of the credit. If it wasnt for their youth policy, most of the premiership would be without quality players
  5. You can have all the dosh in the world.....still got to be done on the pitch.

    Come on you Blues :D
  6. Yeah I must say I agree to some degree, somehow I just can't warm to Chelski though. Wasn't the same when Ranieri was there, had a lot of time for him.
    I miss hating Manure more than any other team!! lol
    Seriously though, congratulations.
  7. At least it wasn't the scum hey.

    You'd still like to think that the Chelsea faithful would be a little more gracious in victory though.
  8. Wait till Red Rom gets done for tax evasion
  9. we are gracious. People dont give Mourinho or chelsea the credit they deserve thats all
  10. No your not, Morinho is an excellent manager no denying that, but maybe he should take the blame for his losses for a change. As for the faithful blues, just remember when you underachieved at everything before you rant about being the greatest.

    As for the team, money may buy the players but Morinho has got them as a working unit.

    Still better than the scum and that jock strap in charge of them. :wink:
  11. It's a shame that with all that money Mourinho doesn't turn out a team that plays attractive football.

    Won the title (well done) but made no friends through the way they play or the way the manager behaves. Still, we could use Chelski's diving coach for the Olympic swimming team I guess.

    Money obviously can buy titles but doesn't run to friends it seems.

    On a bright note Tamworth looks like they've escaped the drop thanks to Canvey's dropping out.


    postscript - it's amazing how, according to Mourinho, the best team always loses when it comes to Champion's League, FA Cup, etc. Can't ever see the day when Chelsea will keep the cup like Liverpool. Nearly made me wish I supported them - but not enough to desert my team.
  12. Well what a fantastic team Chealsea FC are. 3 (three) league titles in 101 years.

    Bore off.

    Money + bestplayers (usually) = titles.

    Well done in the FA cup (you really showed West Ham who is the best) and Champions league.
  13. You could do with spending some of that dosh on the pitch. Accrington Stanleys is in better nick.
  14. Well done my Chelsea.. Serious Q though. Can you seriously see Mourhinio still being at gods club next year if he don,t bag some euro silverware ? I know for a fact if I was Rom & had just spent that amount of dosh. I,d want world domination in a season or 2 !!! Mourhinio is a superb manager but Red Rom is ruthless, you dont amass a 5 billion (?) personal fourtune being a bloody nice bloke.

  15. And now talk of spending up to 60M for Tevez from Corinthians.

    Lost the blessed plot I reckon - gone from a sport to something that's outrageous when you put it into perspective, especially when you consider that the majority of the muppets on the terraces wouldn't earn their beloved's annual wage in a lifetime! That's before we get onto those dying for want of 50p's worth of medicine, clean water and the like. To rich for my stomach.


    ps. is it really as many as three titles in 101 years?