Thats two weeks of work down the pan...

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Squiggers, Jan 25, 2009.

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  1. Okay, I'm looking for the denizens of arrse to help me in making a choice here.

    Basically, met this lass, via one of my best mates, at a party. Really hit it off with her, got each other's numbers, yadda yadda.

    Texted like mad, usual flirty stuff. Met up the last two weekends, had a great laugh, ended up playing tonsil tennis last night.


    The mate that introduced me to said filly, also fancies her - she found out today, when she was round at his. As as a result, she's said that she isn't going to be with either of us, due to the fact she doesn't want to come between us, as we're great mates. :roll:

    Oh, plus, he doesn't know that me and the lass kissed.

    Now, I'm pissed off, for two reasons. The first, it's one fine ass that I ain't gonna be tapping, the second, that's two weeks of hard work down the drain...

    So, these are my options here.

    1) Leave it, fuck her - there's plenty of other lasses out there.
    2) Diddle her anyway, balls to the mate - he shoulda said something.
    3) Diddle her anyway, but in secret.

    I'm wondering whether there ARE any better options than those, but I'm expecting that someone her will answer well, with a far better option. :wink:

    ARRSE, help me out!

    (Edited after finding out how gay that sounded.)
  2. Shag your mate so she wont want either of you.
  3. Sounds like she's already taking option 3 and is now secretly shagging your mate.
  4. 3somes got to be 3somes
  5. You really need to edit the lines in bold!
  6. Rohypnol is your friend here, I take it you only want to f*ck it not marry it.
  7. bitch is playing you both off against each other.
    its well known the slags love getting blokes to fight over them, the sight of the weaker specimen lying in the gutter covered in blood gets their knickers dripping in anticipation.

    snakes with tits mate, snakes with tits.
  8. AAGF


    Do it, ditch it and move right along - end
  9. Yeah...just... a bit.

    I'm not Gay.

  10. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    We need pics to see if she's up to the high standards we expect you to uphold as an ARRSE're.
    Topless preferably.
  11. Cant believe you kissed him and he does not know,was he drunk ?I think he is embarressed in the cold light of day and is trying to pretend it never happened .
    I would leave it a few weeks and when the opportunity arrises again , say you are out at some nice resteraunt having a candlelit dinner, broach the subject in a gentle but reassuring mananer and see what his reaction is .
    Dont think of these two weeks as wasted time you have to work at relationships .
    Oh by the way what were you saying about the girl :lol:
  12. Ouch, in a tight spot mate
  13. The reason she doesn't want to shag either of you is because she's having a good enough time fucking me, my mate and her dad. :wink:

    Edit: What the fuck, you can't say fucking in the NAAFI? What a load of bollocks.

    Edit 2: Balls? Feck, Fecking and Bollock$. This filter is having a laugh. :evil:
  14. Have you asked her whether she is a lesbian?
  15. You and your mate both agree in secret to take turns on her. She thinks she's getting the best of both worlds, you both get nuts deep in fish jelly. BUT WHATEVER YOU DO, make sure your oppo knows the score and is not left in the dark. Women ARE snakes with tits, none of them are worth losing good mates over.

    (To make things interesting, you could both leave little notes down the back of her bed for each other to read, Aldershot stylee...)