Thats the way to do it

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by OldRedCap, Oct 13, 2005.

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  1. Without trying to sound racist, I think that it is a good idea. They might be really fit and we need to know
  2. Re these actualy religious garments or are they in fact rooted in Arabic or South Asian culture?
  3. Well done the cloggies, however I'm sure The Human Rights lobby will overturn this with the ridiculous Human Rights Act or somesuch Euro nonsense.
  4. Absolutely outstanding move by the Cloggies. Along with the Burka ban thay have bought in the following


    How long before Bliar grows a pair and implements the same? About the same time as pork chops come flying past my window I think.
  5. How do they get there passport photos taken? :lol: :lol: (dont take question seriously!)
  6. Not sure what I think of the burka ban, but I can certainly see the sense in those measures you have listed above.

    I would strongly agree with the enforcement of those measures which would apply here, and have commented as such on other threads on this site.

    Sadly I don't believe that any Labour government is likely to bring these measures in. Even if Blair wanted to, his political position relies upon too many who would oppose such a move. :(
  7. Source Here

    We're even at it down here.

    So they've been shown what we do to sheep :twisted:
  8. Mrs Verdonk is my heroine. Its about time someone took a stance against those Muslims ******* and sent them a message

    "When in Rome do as the Romans do"

    They should respect the way we want to live in the West, they should respect the laws and rules of each country they choose to live in.

    If not....they can get the fcuk back to their own country
  9. Yeah, when in Rome, as they say. Which is why there's no POSSIBLE trace of Brit activity in India today; or indeed in any other country the Brits ever occupied. When in Rome my fukcing arrse!
    This is just a cheap shot by Missis Vanplonk because she felt herself shat upon by Muslim men who wouldn't shake her hand. And she's SOOOOOOOO important! Cnut!!!

  10. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Good point earlier up about the Burka. Is it a religious requirement of a specific sect, or general for all? Why do some wear it, and some not? Who is to say what constitutes an 'acceptable' religious adornment? Are skullcaps, rosaries and phylacteries to be banned as well?

    No axe to grind here, just a nosy bastard.....
  11. Can't be racist; it's a religion
  12. Where's Armourer for a reposte?! :D
  13. I think Bugsy 7 should realise the India took the best bits from colonial rule and post 1947 implemented them into their political and juidicial culture. Apart from a tolerance of mind boggling beaurocracy the country seems to work well. Please no one talk to me of poverty - the Indians themselves argue that no one should beg as there are jobs aplenty.

    As for the Netherlands changing some laws to reduce the problems of the last 30 years of a discredited idea of 'multiculturalism', I have no problem. It will never happen here because Jack Straw would lose his seat.