Thats the barb out the way

Hey guys,

Just got back from my barb and basic maths and enlish tests, got 76 on me barb so happy with that :D and did well in the english and maths. Got me job lists, i'm thinking of going for either gunner light gun, combat med tech or possibly a reme position. My ca didn't seem too happy when I said I wanted to be light gun? any ideas why?


Well done on the test.

Now get a few of your mates to join as well!!! :D
Cheers Chimera,

Ok he didn't try to put me off to be fair but he said if I really wanted to do it then I should go for it, what's peoples views on the combat med tech? :?
Heard good and bad reviews and again the ca didn't really say it's a good or bad choice either lol

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