Thats the Badger

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by watto135, Jan 20, 2006.

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  1. Didnt know if this is the right place to post this but after doing my trade course in November 2005 & hering this say ing "thats the badger" & now my PSI has come out with it at the TAC wondered where it had come from cause it makes me chuckle when i here it
  2. Not too sure where from, but it's been a colloquialism for a couple of years now. Remember (now ex) Mrs Guru No2 coming out with "That's the Otter" once by mistake, which then superceded Badger in the troop.
  3. Hey Guru

    like it thats a brill one
  4. This was in very common use in the Skins in 1990 when I joined. Another popular expression expressing approval was "Spotty Dog". A Geordie PSI in my first TA Unit found the latter most amusing and would always greet me with "Why aye, Spottit Dog Mr Plume".
  5. some good ones coming thrugh i have heard a few like that

    Muts nuts for dogs bo**ox
    & the new one a heard the other day was badgers nadgers

    i think its quite good to here all these dififerent sayings
  6. Quite funny that Guru. Bit like Arthur Daley's " the worlds your lobster my son" quote.

    I have a good mate who on his first leave home said to his (civvy) pals, " I need to get some food, Im Hank Marvin." Next time he comes home a few weeks later, one of his mates obviously slightly impressed with the army patois tries to join in and says, " I could do with some scoff, Im Marvin Gaye"!!
    Cue laughter
  7. [​IMG]

    now THAT's a 'Badger'...

  8. Oh feck...Anybody else seeing double?

  9. Word stealers.
  10. Probably been posted a million times before but...

    badger song

    Now, that's the badger!
  11. This could be your answer:

    Clickety here
  12. I've been using this one for years -- it really confuses the natives
  13. Why rougher than "a badger's ARRSE"? How is it rougher than, say, a possum's or porcupine's ARRSE? Who measures these things?
  14. Why is the badger standing next to a shallow grave?