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Thats it im changing my user name!


Book Reviewer
I got that when I was 'Sixtyfootdoll'

Hundreds of lecherous PMs later from the more, ahem, 'romantically inclined' chaps on here (despite my stubble, adam's apple and male genitalia) and I eventually got the message.

Name changed.
I changed my name from The Lord Flasheart to The-Lord-Flasheart.

When I say 'I changed my name', what I mean is I had to....

Change it to 'Im-a-bloke-but-will-fuck-for-a-packet-of-spangles'
Maybe the norks on your avatar over-ride the name, put either a munter or prop forwards on instead.
one_winged_angel said:
I admit is a bit bone and I am flattered by the attention but sadly not interested.

P.S I am openly Gay any problems.
How open? Can you fit an entire rugby team up your weeping sphincter?

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