Thats Interesting, What does our KGB resident think?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Abdiel, May 3, 2011.

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  1. I would have thought that Andrew was more their style.
  2. Thing is, Harry's got a job at the moment. But like it says on that link; "In recent years an idea was floated to give a royal role to Prince Michael of Kent - who also has strong blood links, and bears a close resemblance to the last tsar, Nicholas II. Elderly women have been known to fall to their knees when meeting the Romanov lookalike on his frequent visits to Russia."
  3. I happened across a website a few weeks ago that was full of German royalists. Sorry no link. When I offered to suply them with lots of Royals, as we have more than enough, the replies were a bit frosty.
  4. Amusing that this thread should pop up now. Seems like the Royal wedding has had this effect on a few of the birds here! I was sitting in a bar here in Moscow last weekend doing my best to get my end away with some lass, while doing my best to ignore her droning on and on about re-establishing the Russian monarchy. Can't remember all that many details, as I was rather distracted by her cracking pair of funbags, but much of it seems to be dominated by a desire to regain past glory and so on.
  5. £320,000s of close-ness apparently, according to the Eye. What's the tax-rate for 'gifts' from Oligarchs these days if it's gone through 'channels'? i.e. business associates' business associates
  6. As the OP was made last year with no follow-up since I would imagine it's a moot point. Putin would not approve anyway I'm sure. :mrgreen:

    Tsar Nicholas II and King George V were spitting images of each other. King George probably had many second thoughts when he heard that the Tsar had been arrested by the Communists, but he sat on his hands and didn't invite his cuz over to king it over a little scrap of Empire. That would have been the gracious thing to do! ;-) After all, the government did give Bermuda to The Duke of Windsor (former Edward the VIII) to lord it over during the war. :p
  7. I would have thought that with that number of bullet holes in them, they'd be beyond restoration.
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  8. In 1967, Prince Philip was was asked if he'd like to visit the Soviet Union someday. He replied, "I'd very much like to visit Russia - even though the bastards killed half my family."
  9. We could rent Harry out. Top position like Tsar would help with our balance of payments in this slump.
  10. Dumped again then pig face?
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  11. If that's your logic jarrod by my reckoning you must be permanently sans boyfriend.
  12. Hush you old fibber. You don't have a boyfriend in the red arrows.
  13. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    didnt the canucks ask if they could have harry? even if it was just to piss the septics off I would say it was worth a go and I'll even carry his bags to the airport.

    send charles to russia then when he dies willy gets both and we become an 18th century style empire again :) charles would enjoy all that architecture, old stuff and his uniform collection is very blinged up..

    andy in honor of his war service should be made head emperor penguin and given a grace and favour palace on south georgia. the daughters can work for the FI tourist authority.