That's a weight off my mind

here I have a breaking story for that paper

In the news today police didn't investigate something that hadn't happened a spokesman for the police didn't give a press conference and was not quoted saying anything.
I don't think they've investigated Hampshire for Ebola either... well I'm ******* outraged..

What if the **** who makes the sandwiches in ASDA wipes his arse with the strips of Bacon that end up in the sandwich I buy? (after his extended holiday to West Africa, of course)

The government need to get a ******* grip, useless cnuts.


War Hero
Admittedly there are a lot of foreign types in Boston. I would imagine though they haven't tested anyone for the Black Death either. I feel justified in not having to write a strong letter to anyone in complaint.


When I get bored, I read the Widnes Weekly News on-line.

A manual lawnmower and a trowel were stolen from a shed in Barrows Green Lane on 9th August 2014. If anyone has any information, please call the Police on 101
Fully clothed woman found alive on towpath.

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