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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Jagythistle, Dec 31, 2006.

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  1. blue-sophist

    blue-sophist LE Good Egg (charities)

    Nice thought, which I share for 2007.

    The solutions - above my pay-scale, but I would be inclined to say "enough" and let IQ get on with it [helped by their friendly Muslim neighbours, of course]!
  2. Aye, will raise a glass at Midnight.

    RIP those souls that have been lost.

    Godspeed to those on Ops.
  3. Terrible news. RIP guys - we will remember you
  4. Not only 3000 dead, but 46,880 non-mortal cas (cut and pasted from the table further down, but formatting not working, sorry):

    Non Mortal Casualties Army Navy Marines Air Force Total

    TOTAL - NON-MORTAL CASUALTIES 35,174 1,216 9,171 1,319 46,880

    Bit surprised at the 18000 odd disease casualties included in the 46000, but if you look at the Afganistan page ( over half (3605/5994) have been to disease.

    Also, in their 'casualties by state' list there is:

    State Total City Name Rank Date
    England 1 Wilstead, nr. Bedford Crackel, Alexander B. Staff Sergeant 24-Feb-2005

    Anyone know anything about Staff Sergeant Crackel?
  5. Wow, all those lives wrecked just to get revenge on Saddam? He must have really hurt Dubya's feelings.
  6. And to think on the Hyde Park demo there was a fellow with a banner that read: "Make Tea, Not War."

    Of course he was considered a flippant little nutter at the time.
    And yet, and yet, I can't help wondering, knowing what we know now, what sensible person would not, given the choice now, not plump for popping into the kitchen and putting the kettle on?

    Happy New Year inspite of it all Everybody.
  7. Did you write that comment as it is seen as the right thing to do? Will we really remember them, especially if they're not British soldiers? It is unfortunate when any soldier dies but let's be honest, who really thinks about soldiers that have passed away in wars gone by unless it's an anniversary such as Remembrance Sunday or it was a mucker we knew. You may call me heartless or a pr1ck but let's not fool ourselves here, soldiers die on operations, simple as.
  9. PlasticCabDriver asked: "Anyone know anything about Staff Sergeant Crackel? "

    Army Staff Sgt. Alexander B. Crackel
    31, of Wilstead Bedford, United Kingdom.
    Crackel died in Al Anbar Province, Iraq, from injuries sustained from enemy small arms fire. He was assigned to 1st Battalion, 9th Infantry Regiment, Camp Hovey, Korea. Died on February 24, 2005.
  10. A terrible milestone.

    With an average of 1000 dead a year, and with an intransigent policy making team at the Whitehouse (whose idea of progress means escalation) I have the sick feeling that the countdown to 4000 dead has started.

    RIP folks and God look kindly upon your families and loved ones.
  11. A very good post - I have lost a few friends in the various places I have been and it sucks the fat one, hard. However, they were all soldiers, big boys (and a girl) who knew the score. Even when all the politics and all that bollox goes out the window there are always people who will REALLY appreciate them for what they were and are.

    And Fallscrhimjager - nice to see you got home alright. Take care, mate