That'll teach her

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Mighty_doh_nut, Jan 3, 2005.

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  1. This morning whilst at the supermaket a trollop pushed in front of me and her trolley stubbed my toe.

    She apologised and moved out of the way saying she simply hadn't seen me.... she did seem genuinley apologetic but something inside me just couldn't forgive her.


    Did I go to far or was I justified

    Regards MDN @ Broadmoor
    :D :D :D
  2. Did your Lab have a good time too MDN?

    Or is this a normal night at Chez MDN?
  3. Hang on a mo, that's not Miffy with a darker rinse is it?
  4. Entirely justified, MDN, but tinfoil is more appropriate for spit-roasting.

    I hope you remembered to charge the clingfilm to one of her cards?
  5. 8O Odd norks :roll:

    but hey, whats going on behind... puncturing the hoop? :twisted:
  6. :twisted:You're displaying a un/healthy interest in her hoop Toons. IS there something you'd like to tell me?

    MDN did you remember to cover her with Swarfega with that hand full of ground glass added in before wrapping her up?
  7. No MDN is educating us all but did wonder what it would be like if she let one go 8O
  8. I was thinking razor sharp nipples to have cut through the cling film.

    MDN I think you are totally justified in the punishment given, I just hope you had the good grace to do it in the middle of the supermarket to teach all the other gung-ho trolley driving, ankle slashing, apologising mumbling, shunts a lesson in manners.

    Next time can you do one of these crusty old snot/soup covered, grey haired, line jumping, grave dodging grippers to teach that group of social misfits a lesson as well?

    Beebs :evil:

    and yes I have just been shopping!
  9. let her off far to easy...I would have sawed off her nips with a rusty butter knife and then forced her to have a go with Corporal
  10. What were you doing at the supermarket, you poof! That's what women are for! :D
  11. Of course I kept her hoop free

    Where do you think I stuck the shopping trolley
  12. You have some very strange, er, very strange little quirks don't you MDN 8O

    Beebs :lol:

    PS when you pop you clogs can i have your porn stash? research you understand...... :roll:
  13. Now that gives me an idea.

    I've been looking for somwhere to park my bike. :D
  14. Did I hear a titter going around the website ?? :p
  15. Would be more than a titter if Aunty had been with him me dears. Bet you sold her a mobile or three in the process MDN eh :lol:
    If anyone wants advice on how to p i s s off other shoppers in a supermarket, especially the ones with four kids tied to the fish counter with silly string and a packet of fish hooks... :wink: I am, possibly, the best to advise .... :D :D