Thatchers Funeral Significantly cheaper than previously thought

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by AfghanAndy, Apr 25, 2013.

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  1. Baroness Thatcher's funeral cost us 6p each - Telegraph

    Telegraph says £4 Million as it's a sexy round number, but the article claims £3.6 Million, of which £2 Million was an opportunity cost and therfore debatable.

    No indications of how much the Thatcher estate is forking out.

    Anybody feeling silly for jumping on the outrage bus?
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  2. This really needed to go in the thatcher thread, it'll only end up with people dicking about.
  3. I tried, but it appears closed. If a MOD could merge it for me, that would be appreciated.

    But I felt it was newsworthy, otherwise will have people muttering for decades to come about how her funeral cost £10 Million. I'm a great believer in fact.
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  4. I would have rather have thrown my 6 pence down the drain given a choice ^~
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  5. You'll still need to wait for her will to be read as there may not be a need to throw six pence away.

    Considering she footed the bill for her the FCOs work in finding her son when he got lost, I'll bet that she's put a lot of her own money towards it.
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  6. Bonus, the money will come in handy ^~
  7. People will still go on about it like the bitter and twisted f*ckwits they are.
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  8. and I would like to take a sh*t in your mouth, but sadly we don't always get what we want in life.
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  9. Please don't try and deal in facts when discussing anything Thatcher. The rapid socialists and anti Thatcher Brigade who really don't have a clue will just fill a thread with false drivel.

    Especially CAARPS who is a scouser, so clearly knows nothing about politics...

    All socialists are ***** : )
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  10. Please feel free to pop around any time, I am always up for new taste sensations ^~
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  11. I am also a soldier (rare I know) so I am also apolitical ^~
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  12. She fronted this down

    and people are still whinging about closing a few pits.

    She might well have been before my time however compared to the spineless bouffants who infest public office now,..... well there's no comparison.
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  13. Made up figure originally by the Daily Mirror, picked up by the usual suspects. I would happily contribute 18 pence for the funerals of Blair, Prescott and Brown.
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  14. I would happily contribute 18 pence for the funerals of Blair, Prescott and Brown.[/QUOTE]

    I'm in for another 18p!