Thatcher x 2

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by no1cares, Sep 7, 2006.

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  1. If he is found guilty, then it has to be a lengthy ban, something along the lines of what Cantona and Rio Ferdinand recieved.
  2. I think so, GBH or whatever should serve the same ban as a 'failed' drug test.
  3. I think Pearce will find that the ban and fine he imposed will not be sufficient. Let's face it, Pearce knew Thatcher was in massive trouble, and attempted to get this all over and done with by punishing him immediately, to make sure he was back in action as soon as possible. Even if City had suspended him for 20 games, the FA would still want to be seen to be acting themselves, and as a result I reckon he'll be hit with additional suspensions and a fine. Pearce probably shot himself in the foot a bit there....
  4. Why not jail him on grounds of GBH and on the principal that he's a well paid professional. With the amount of footie stars being banged up for DD etc. they'd have an excellent Porridge side wouldn't they?
  5. If the second elbow is on no1cares, I reckon they should double his wages and make him Captain.
  6. ... and no1cares should get banged up for a couple of years for inticing the elbow to face....
  7. but that wouldn't happen though would it bellwhiff
  8. er, I dunno.......