Thatcher threatened nuclear strike

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Ord_Sgt, Nov 23, 2005.

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  1. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    In the Sydney morning Herald today:

    Now I’m no expert on Exocet but is there such a code that could be used to deactivate the missiles or is this guy just waffling to sell his book?

    Amazing how bitter the frogs are about our successes over the years though, that they think building the tunnel and paying for it is some kind of victory. Duh. :oops:

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  2. The Idiots dont realise that if a WW2 scenario happened again we would just blow it to sh!t
  4. Bearing in mind that Sir John Nott is on record as saying: 'they [the French] helped us with technical details of the Exocet, which I think we probably had already' (SCSI Occasional No. 46, June 2002), I'm a little sceptical as to whether Mitterand was telling the truth...

    The RN had Exocets aboard Leander class frigates, and, IIRC, the Type 22 had them as well. Also, the idea that all four Polaris boats were in the South Atlantic is laughable (the SSNs, of course, didn't have any means of launching an nuclear attack on Argentina). Add to this the fact that one of the UK's lines of operation was to garner as much diplomatic support as possible at the UN (which turning Buenos Aries into glass might have made a tadge awkward), and you begin to realise that it was probably no coincidence that Mitterand was seeing a therapist.

    It's a simply barking mad idea that Thatcher would launch a Polaris or two at Buenos Aries. I think I'm correct in saying that the UK gave assurances that it would not use nuclear weapons at the time of the conflict; the Americans would have hit the roof (and probably gone through it) - the whole thing adds up less well than your average GCSE maths student.

    Finally, if you look at Mitterand's record of being less than straightforward with the truth (see his version of his resistance career; the Rainbow Warrior incident, etc, etc) you begin to wonder if 'Mitterand' isn't the French version of 'Mitty'...
  5. um, if we had the codes, wouldn't we have used them, and the missiles would have missed our ships?

    They didn't, so we didn't.

    Like the quote though:
  6. Tin-foil hat anyone?
  7. Seem to recall a report/story/rumour (whichever you like to call it) that there was a plan made to bomb buenos aries but it was going to be done conventionally using the Vulcans (planes not star trek ones) in the same way that the black buck attacks on stanley airfield were done. Im pretty sure that the intended target was going to be the airfield that the super etendards took off from. However, how much of this is rumour and how much is fact is probably open to a lot of conjecture - Certainly these raids proved to the Argentinians that there was a capability to launch an airstrike at Buenos Aires. However with regard to a nuclear strike - i cant believe that even Maggie would have done that - although it would be interesting to know what directions Ronald Reagans interests/views lay.
    Whilst composing thi, have been perusing the internet and found a site which - in which the section entitled Black Operations there is a mention of an Operation Mikado which was a proposal to crash land two hercs in Buenos Aires on the Rio grand air base where the exocet carrying super etendards were base - after doing this, an SAS Squadron - presumably parachuted from the hercs before they were crash landed - would destroy all the super etendards, all the exocet missiles and kill all the pilots.
  8. And escape to Uruguay, if i remember.
  9. No the idea if i remeber was tatitcal air landing on the airfield .run out of herc blow up planes kill pilots . Then head for chile for tea and medals .The book about it mentions a lot of blokes for thought it was a silly plan.And it was eventually called off.

    Thinlk the film version will have the sas chickening out .And tom cruise leading delta to save the brits butts :lol:
  10. Would a president, even a French one, really discuss issues of national security with his therapist?

    Do they not have a version of our official secrets act/disclosure laws ? I'm sure they would, knowing how touchy they are on defence.

    This all sounds like a ploy to sell books, stroke the egos ect.

    It really annoys me how these authors take pot shots at dead leaders/ generals ect knowing they can not be sued just to sell a few books. " any publiciy is good publicity"

    Still like all good yarns there is a grain of truth I suspect, like their boasting about their armaments working or enjoying watching us struggle.
  11. " just waffling to sell his book"

    Course he is.
  12. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Close but not quite, the etymology is like this:

    'Mitt' from Old German means 'teller of whoppers'

    'Erand' is a vulgar MSM (Middle Surrender Monkey) word for the female genitalia.
  13. Operation Mikado was Sir Peter DLB's version of an Entebbe style raid. This daring act of suicidal proportions was to have been carried out by B sqn and was viewed by THEM as something akin to a mission in Blackadder goes Forth. I think a couple of ruperts and NCO's were booted out for voicing their concerns.
  14. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    I thought it was just a big wind-up myself, a lot of comedy song and dance about nothing - the Mikado being a comic opera.
  15. I shouldn't think what this chap is saying is true. Airborne Exocet, it must be remembered, was quite unreliable. For a start, the one that HMS Sheffield most likely didn't explode, it just burnt off its fuel. It was only because Sheffield was using its Sat Comms that it was unable to use it's radar systems or to be told by its accompanying ships that an incoming had been detected. It must also be remembered that two Exocets were fired on that occassion, the other just burned out and fell into the sea.

    The claim that there were four Polaris missile boats is wrong also. There is a claim by Tam Dalyell that one 'R' type sub was moved into range of Argentina, and there is also the evidence left by David Tinker in his diary, where he describes his commanding officer hoping that they would just "drop a big white job" on Argentina. And lastly, it is true that they still had the nuclear depth charges on board, as the MoD chief science officer stated that they were 'partially successful'.

    Word to the wise on the MIKADo raid to the Exocet base at Tierra del Fuego, this was attempted but binned on land. The SBS also planted explosives on French cargo ships carrying new AM-39s into Argentina, but were told to cancel the Op as it was expected the war to be over by then. Which is the only sign I can think of to say that the Government had found a way to counter-act them