Thatcher on a £50 note

The legislation allowing sale of council houses specifically forbade use of the proceeds for replacement housing. Thus ensuring the next generation of low paid workers had nowhere to go because the nonworking classes had more sympathy points. This was an unintended consequence long before Blair's mass immigration without supporting infrastructure policy.

The question was asked, name one of her policies that was barking. Imho that's one.

Whether she actually thought it up it was passed into law on her watch.
I'm not doubting you, but I'd be very interested to see the legislation forbidding reinvestment.
I think it would be entirely fitting: Maggie and fifty quid, both made useless by Conservative infighting over Europe.
If you have any useless £50 notes you want to get rid of I can PM you a PO Box number you can post them to.
Anything to help you out.
My wife already takes care of that, but thanks for the offer.
The Bank of England has declared that the person depicted on the note is to be a scientist, and is seeking nominations (the BBC is suggesting a number of female scientists whom most of the voting public won't have heard).

Remind me what Thatcher's first degree was in again...


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being dangerously opinionated?
marrying a millionaire?
Recruiting a Good English Nanny?
I nominate Beatrice Shilling,
Aeronatical Engineer, motorbike racer
Did a damn good job in devising the BAE restrictor in the BoB.
being dangerously opinionated?
marrying a millionaire?
Recruiting a Good English Nanny?
A friend of mine was a Nuke engineer at Harwell when Chernobyl went up.
His boss had to phone Thatcher with the news.
Her reply, 'surely that is an internal matter for the Russians to deal with'.

I was talking to some research chemists over drinks 25 years ago and commented that if they turned into Thatcher's I would turn up with an AK47.
'Oh we turned her down, she only had a second', was their reply. I never checked that story out.
Think there’s more deserving people tbh. Though we never see a £50 not up here so we’ll probably never see the witch on one.

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