Thatcher in hospital for tests

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by frenchperson, Mar 8, 2008.

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  1. I hope that whatever hospital she's in treats her in accordance with the market forces she insisted were good enough in the NHS for the rest of us.

    Somehow, I very much doubt that will be the case, though.
  2. Who are you and how have you hacked in to frenchies account?

    Is she still in line for a state funeral when she eventually goes?
  3. Agreed, lets hope Karma smacks her one right in her smug little kisser.
  4. Say what you believe, she Saved UK back in the 70/80s, it was not nice how she did it, but She did.
  5. How many recessions Jon? How many industries gone down the drain, primary and secondary?
  6. A good point Sven. Crushing all those Bolshie miners and steel 'workers' was Thatcher's finest achievement. I expect that's why they erected a statue of her in Parliament.

    I must say I'm surprised to find that you are 'one of us'. I'll get Dave to send you an invite for the next guest night at the Bullingdon club.
  7. I think selling off all the countries assets was her greatest acheivment.Hope you have a long and happy illness Maggie
  8. What industry is left?? Saw British army MAN trucks on the autobahn the other day,and your .50 cal ammunition is apparently from Brazil.Was that just Maggie, i think not. :cry:
  9. I was thinking of Gas,Electricity,Water,Railways,etc etc.
  10. Saved what?? From what i read here i made the right decision to stay in the land of good beer and bratties!! :D
  11. Roger D D time for bed Zebedee. :D
  12. Obviously split into the normal two camps here as far as Maggie is concerned.

    I'm certainly pro-maggie and hope she is OK.
  13. You forgot selling of shitloads of the gold reserve? Sorry my mistake,that was Gordy and,the Liarbour party. As for your timeline on "Gas,Electricity,etc",go and read the books again!
    At least she took care of the Armed Forces,look at the shite you are in today?

    Sven,crawl back inside wherever it is you come from,and stop touting you Lab/Dim crap all over these forums, I dare say people recognise you as a member of the Lab/Dims,because of the brown line on your arrse,caused by the Creosote stain from all the fence sitting you lot do! :roll:
  14. Got my dancing pumps ready and polished.