Thatcher Death Party Packs

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by k13eod, Sep 12, 2012.

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  1. No, she was a great leader

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  2. Yes, she was an evil witch

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  1. Heard this on the radio earlier and couldn't see this anywhere else, and having seen the mixed reaction to Margaret Thatcher on other threads, thought this might evoke a bit of debate!

    So. Outrageous and should be banned? Good fun, bit of twisted humour? Or just what she deserves?

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  2. Street parties are planned in Grimethorpe when it croaks.
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  3. Couldn't care less myself but I predict that on the day it happens someone(s) will take it all to far and there will be cracked skulls and calls for independent enquiries before bedtime.

    Let's face it, there aren't many people much under the age of forty for whom she even has any relevance, so it's all a bit silly.
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  4. Fairly certain it was designed specifically to annoy the daily mail although.
    To really rub it I'd have added Princess Di is still dead :)
  5. I don't think your average Daily Mail-reading, Margaret Thatcher-loving individual had/has a great deal of time for Diana! :)
    For what it is worth, the Death packs could have been a good piece of black humour, but the fact is they are not - they are a piss poor attack by a bunch of cretins who probably wouldn't know Thatcher if they bumped into her in the street (highly unlikely now, I know). Political posturing of the lowest order that does the left wing no favours.
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  6. But there are plenty my age and younger who think she does, a few people I know who are in their 20's spit absolute bile about Thatcher, as if she personally marched their family and the entire population of certain counties off to the gas chambers or something. I don't have any particular feelings either way about her, some things she got right, others she messed up, as has every other government in history. These ones who hate her so much are also people who praise everything Labour did and refuse to acknowledge any of the many **** ups they made...
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  7. Childish behaviour from middle-aged right-ons who never grew up.
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  8. Yes, people who will vote Labour all their lives and whose children will vote Labour all their lives, without the slightest notion of why or who/what they are even voting for.

    I suppose there's a Tory equivalent. But it's slightly easier to see where they're coming from. If you're in a particular class/income bracket the Tories will benefit you - No doubt. Much less clear cut that Labour will put more in anyone's pocket, other than their own.
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  9. Mush_lass is studying PPE at uni, she says the lecturers have Thatcher in the same bucket as Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini and Pol Pot. Fortunately she's sensible enough to ignore such rubbish and ask her dad for unbiased views instead.
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  10. The difference is that yes many labout voters would elect a pig if it was wearing a red rosette, and the few that look for an alternative have looked at Liberals and seen what's happened, or gone for the BNP. Whereas the equivalent Tories are shipping their votes to UKIP in large enough numbers to split the vote.
  11. Jobs for life mate, security of tenure and all that. Children of the 60's I'm afraid who's views were developed during the vietnam era.
  12. I am/was no fan of Thatcher. But whatever she was (I'm from a coal mining background mind you). I still see it as bad form. Bad manners are un called for. Especially when you look at her policies which at worse made people miserable and unemployed.
    Blairs/Labours subsequent policies(in particular his foreign policies) got thousands of people killed.
    For nowt!
    Thatcher was a ruthless cow. Still hope she goes peacefully though. In her sleep.
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  13. What do you expect,it's the Trade Union of Cretins,annual bash,you don't expect them to shoulder the blame,for what happened to the Trade Unions in the 80's,do you? ;-)
  14. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    Its all well and good but you try selling "Blairs a ****" T-shirts and they'll soon be ****ing whinging about offensive this and offensive that.

    As for Mrs Thatcher, best man for the job at the time.
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  15. Mr T Shirt seller
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