Thatcher condemning apartheid

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by frenchperson, Feb 13, 2008.

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  1. I've been browsing all over the internet - well a few sites - and can't find any references to Margaret Thatcher apologising for her disgusting behaviour when she propped up the abominable, murderous apartheid regime in South Africa some years back.

    Try as I might, there seems to be no condemnation of apartheid coming from her direction. When will she see the error of her ways? Is she still as mad as a box of frogs?

    I know she definitely DID condemn Nelson Mandela for being a terrorist, but while she's still alive and kicking, and hasn't yet joined lover boy Pinochet in an eternal embrace, can she join all other sane, reasonable members of the international community and do the decent thing? We don't want it coming around again, after all :roll:
  2. I voted 'No'. Would be purely hypocritical for a person like her to condemn apartheid.
  3. I seem to recall when P W Botha visited 10 Downing St in the 80s, which was met by media criticism(we used to buy the daily mirror back then), her stating that apartheid was abhorrent because it was the first time I'd heard the word.
  4. Yes. I remember that well. I think you mis-heard what she said. She was on the steps of No. 10, wafting her hand, then turned to Dennis and said "A fart I did was abhorrent".
  5. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    You've clearly been drinking or smoking something exotic, Frenchy. Strange, I thought you'd decided to eschew ARRSE.

    Yes, Margaret Thatcher's views on apartheid are clearly a key issue nowadays, though I'm more exercised by Hadrian's views on the Scots and Offa's views on the Welsh: both obvious racists.
  6. I strongly suggest you get onto and actually read the letters sent by Margaret Thatcher to Botha.

    If you do this, rather than reading new statesman style interpretations of what went on, you will see that Thatcher quite clearly stated that she believed that discriminatory laws should be removed, and she also specifically stated that Mandela should be freed - however she also clearly stated that she felt that it was not correct for the UK to dictate and interfere with the internal politics of another sovereign country, and that she thought that negotiation and inclusive dialogue was a better solution than trade sanctions, whose greatest effect would be on poorer blacks rather than the state.
  7. I wouldn't worry about Frenchie, he's just still all bitter and twisted that Thatcher won. :)
  8. Maggie Thatcher cared shite for her own country, so who would care what she spouted about apartheid? During her glorious reign was high interest rates, war, high unemployment. She sold our assets off and left us with no manufacturing and a decimated infrastructure.
  9. So whose dosh has labour been spending for the last 11 years? Is increase consumer debt, a number of major conflicts and more people living on some form of benefit better?
    At least interest rates can fluctuate, only 3rd world countries or bankruptees get their debts wiped out.

    you must be benefiting from labour to still hold to such archaic views
  10. Actually quite an interesting website at - the guy's a rabid anti-Brownite and a bit obsessed with Europe but he makes some good points about finances under Labour.
  11. Yep, and we are soooo much better off under Liabour, aren't we?

    We have immense stealth taxes (instead of high interest rates), war and unbelievably manipulated employment figures chucked out by a government that is so corrupt they make the Tories look like saints. We are now selling off profitable assets (as opposed to the unprofitable union corrupted dinosaurs that Maggie got rid of), taxing British manufacturing to death and allowing foreigners to influence every part of our infrastructure.

    Personally I sh1t all politicians at the moment, but rants like the above by KevinB, who obviously hasn't ever looked at what was going on in the global economy and the global world at the time (the recession didn't stop at the borders of the UK you know, it was a World Wide issue that even the most staunch liabourites can't blame Maggie for) grip my sh1te.

    I reckon the most laughable comment had to be the "war" one. At least she was defending UK sovereign soil, not implementing US foreign policy.

    As for the Tories of the day opinions on SA, I think it has been mentioned that the Gov was against it and said so quite strongly on a diplomatic level, but didn't wish to alienate SA completely by doing it on a public level. In that vein, the answer to the above is "No" as it would be hypocritical.
  12. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    Hmm Location Boston?

    Boston Mas or Boston Lincs? Either way it explains a lot.
  13. My bold.

    Well spotted Biscuits, I missed it.

    It would explain a lot

  14. Err...and we're better off under a Labour government - how, exactly? 8O
  15. They are not 'archaic' views - she did us much harm - not good - with her culture of greed and selfishness - and her divisive economic policies.