Thatcher and Heseltines explosive Westland meeting minutes

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by cool, Dec 31, 2009.

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  1. Thatcher and Heseltine's explosive Westland meeting minutes could be made public
    The meeting on January 9 1986 ended with Michael Heseltine storming out of 10 Downing Street and announcing to the media outside that he was resigning as defence secretary because of differences with Mrs Thatcher over the Westland
  2. Not quite Current Affairs is it! :roll:

    Quiet day in the office eh journo?
  3. If its made public Thatcher could lose her job as Prime Minister!
  4. Oh sh*t! Never thought of that 8O Better try and stop it's release then. :D
  5. If released, it also makes it more difficult for Jack Straw to justify vetoing the release of the pre-Telic cabinet meeting minutes, which the Information Commissioner also said were in the public interest and this justified release...

    Being a cynic, I wouldn't mind betting that the BBC reporter is guessing that Brown won't be able to resist the release of minutes which might embarass the Tories, and in his eagerness to do so prior to the election, will fail to spot the gigantic trap which has been laid for him...

    'So, Prime Minister, as it's clearly not true that the government believes that cabinet minutes should never be released prior to the 30 year limit with this precedent, will you overturn the veto of release of the pre-Iraq cabinet meeting minutes? Or should we assume that your government has something to hide?'
  6. If he thinks the Cabinet minutes are going to answer those questions, he's going to be very disappointed.