That word !!!

Just seen a posting on the medics' bit asking for "intel" about an Northern Ireland posting.

Two thoughts:

1. What should be a suitable punishment for any member of the armed forces using this hideous expression (and I'm particularly interested in what you'd consider appropriate for staff officers) ?

2. How about the Corps having an equivalent to "Red Nose" day; a "non-use of the word Intel, you moron" day. Perhaps anyone that uses it could have something silly and hilariously comedic done to having all their fingers cut off with a rusty knife.
Granted... I was only a cadet at the time on attachment to a Reggy unit... but when I called a Land-Rover a "Landy". I was promptly taken round the back and shagged by my red faced, moustachioed, booze breathing CO. I am still today convinced that there was a relationship beween these two incidents.

Therefore, this should be the standard punishment for all such horrors.


We should keep quiet about the word 'Intel' because its a useful combat indicator for when the bullshit quotient is high.

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