That Tourettes bloke from Big Brother


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Heard the entertainment news on Radio 1 this lunchtime, and learnt that apparently a bloke who used to write songs fro Robbie Willaims is ont he verge of getting an album deal with the winner of this years Big Brother, who i think is called Pete. Now i watched the winners interview at the time (Mrs is a fan of the welsh one) and thought it quite hilairious. This turned me to thinking of what kind of songs Pete would release, maybe some covers of goods old classics...

Altogether now...

"I just called...
to saaay...
Nuureeaaaaagh WNAKERS! SH1T gorraagghhnnnn"

Hmm perhaps not....


I think I'm right in thinking that often people with stutters sing without an effect i.e. their stutter disappears, maybe its the same. Failing that I suppose he could sing 'gangster rap', in the scheme of things his language will be quite mild.


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Think ur right re stutters, that chump from Xfactor or pop idol had a really bad one, but lost it when singing. Not so sure if tourettes comes under that heading though...
Tourettes is a load of bollocks IMHO, If I swear like that when I get up set or stressed then I get in trouble.

He should be thrashed for even appearing on Big brother and we should be thrashed for talking about it on here...

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