That Tiffy Pay Rise Thing! (Again!)

As a recipient of the Tiffy pay rise and bonus back in Feb this year, I have just today received official information that action is being taken to remedy the payments made. It wasn't clear as to what action, but I don't get a warm fluffy feeling about it? Anyone shed any light? 3 grand and three pay bands is a lot to lose!!!!!!! (Yes, Artisans..we deserve every penny ;-)!!!!!!!) :?
Information Ireceived today indicates that those that were awarded backpay will get to keep it, but will have their pay reduced from a date in the future to be decided.

Those that did not will receive nothing.

This is still subject to confirmation from policy central - so wait out for now.
guys, as another beneficiary (not tiffy) i looked into this. Army Pay Warrant, para 462B states at para b(3) (my bold):

"Should the granting of an EQ / Class result in a move from the lower pay range to the higher pay range, the individual is to be transferred to the higher rank based on the number of increments applied in their current rank. Where this results in a lower rate of pay, the individual is to be transferred to the next incremental level that does not cause a drop in pay."

i believe this is why they did the retrospective pay bump in the first place in Feb - they should have been applying this principle, but weren't.

is this how it applied to you guys? were you staffy lower band and went to upper on tiffy? in which case i don't see how they could take it off you.

or do you gain a rank as well as move to higher band? in which case it might not work...
CR I'm in the same boat as you. not received any notification of a loss in increment levels though .... waiting with baited breath.
i'm not worried at all mate. if they do it, they'll have a fight on their hands. it's something we were entitled to all along under P2K, they just cocked it up.

i even considered taking it further: i lost about £800 through paying 40% on the lot as i was above the higher tax bracket when i received it (whereas i wouldnt have been for the whole lot if i had it year by year)... and secondly, i stick a large amount in a high interest account every month. so ive lost interest for the last 3 years too.

so technically, we could have tried to get even more out of them. in reality, i'll take the hit and move on, just grateful that someone realised we had been underpaid for 3 years.

but the pay warrant is very clear. would love to see the argument they try to use to recall my pay, as the pay warrant is the definitive document.

bring it on :)
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