That Teddy Bear story?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by vvaannmmaann, Nov 24, 2008.

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  1. I need some help filling in some blank spaces in my memory.
    There was a story going around about an incident that occcured many years ago.Picture the scene.On an exercise somewhere,CO orders complete radio silence.3am a wee tiny voice comes on the net;"Are there any friendly bears out there?" RSM on the air doing his nut and going on about That Man being hung drawn and quartered,etc etc......
    The air of silence returns.An hour later the same wee voice says,"He's not a very friendly bear is he?"
    This was quite funny at the time,and you probably needed to be there,but is this the correct version of the story?,where you there?,was it you on the radio?
  2. Not me , but once got accused of playing "Ride of the Valkryies" (excuse spelling?) over the net as we drove over the border into Kosovo in 99....The bear faced cheek.........
  3. You'll get about ten different people saying they were the teddy bear accusee etc, along with the story of someone coming on the net saying 'I'm bored.', then when asked by the YofS over the Net to identify themselves saying 'I'm bored, not stupid.'

    I've seen at least five people tell the same stories.
  4. AAGF


    I heard of this one from the big Winter EX (I did not hear it myself directly), around 1973. They had a SOXMIS propaganda simulator broadcasting and as usual we were firmly told not to acknowledge any transmissions.

    Anyway, about a week out, been persisting down for most of the week and you know how the mud gets around Fally and the propaganda set was broadcasting seductively for most of the night - "Come on over to our side, food, drinks, women" etc. etc.

    A little voice said something like - "Unknown station, send RV, over!"

    The fallout we all experienced. :D
  5. Story I heard was I'm bored this went on until challenged the reply was I said I was bored not bloody stupid.
  6. I've heard a story very like this one but the incident is supposed to have taken place in the Western Desert in WW II and it wasn't an irate RSM but an irate radio officer who was demanding to know what that station's call sign was that broke radio silence. The version I remember was published in a Royal British Legion anecdote book that was published around Remembrance Day in 1985 FWIW. Not a new joke at all I think. ;) :p
  7. Also similar:

    On a quiet night

    Pilot: Fcuk I'm bored.

    Tower: Would the aircraft reporting boredom please identify yourself.

    Pilot: I said I was fcuking bored, not fcuking stupid.
  8. I read the teddy bear story in Readers Digest back in the early 80's.
  9. I was told the teddy bear story by a Ssgt on a long boring trip on a blowmeup bus back in the late 80's
  10. The best one I heard was on 5th Skins net in Germany about 30 years ago...

    "Hello all stations, b0ll0cks, fcuking' b0ll0cks, out!"
  11. There's more than one good bear story going about. LINK

    Why aren't schools turning out students with these kinds of life skills anymore? There's not a single chav on the high street these days who could calm a panda with confidence, let alone the kind of devil-may-care savoir faire required in my day.