That T E Lawrence protest about Iraq governance

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by hackle, Dec 23, 2004.

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  1. Possibly one of the oldest newspaper "cut and pastes" yet to appear on arrse? As requested in another thread

    Col T E Lawrence of Arabia's protest in The Sunday Times more than eighty years ago about British administration in Mesopotamia. Strictly speaking the term "Mesopotamia" refers to the land between the Tigris and Euphrates, but he was writing about Iraq. Lawrence was one of the architects of the original policy on Iraq, but attacks its implementation. Obviously the parallels are not exact. This is probably one of the sources for growing comments from across the pond that Iraq is all the Brits' fault in the first place.

    Link to Dec 04 American article "U.S. commanders turn to Lawrence for lessons in Iraq":

  2. We should bear in mind that Lawrence was very bitter and disillusioned after the war at the way his Arab friends and supporters had been treated by the allies. Doubtless the conditions described existed but his interpretation and attribution might be a little bit askew.
  3. As much as I hate to admit it, we did indeed make our own bed, and now find that we are having to lie on the soggy patch.
    Lawrences book "The seven pillars of wisdom" is well worth a read.
  4. or exactly on target
  5. RCS
    For sure. However, he was described as never being the same after he met the Turks; although some even decry that as fiction. The book by John Simpson Saddam's Wars has some useful notes about this stage of Iraqi evolution.
  6. Just reading his comments reminds me me so much of ourselves right now :roll:

    Lied to by a coniving government, kept there for the pure greed of oil and viewed by much of the world as the lap-dog of the US.
  7. Thank you Hackle for the original post.
    I too would be 'Bitter and Dissolustioned (Twisted)"
    The sins of the father are now being visited on the great great grandchildren. The numbers dead came as quite shock to me, I have never read of the thousands involved.
    The Brit need for a reliable source of oil was the main motive for the policy we inflicted. Much as I beleive that the US need for a secure source of mid east oil is behind the Bush Adventure.
    Lack of forsight is common with politicians for who can predict the future.
    To me the main question now is will Bush/Blur cut and run. If not then ten + more years and just what that may ignite is really beyond my best estimates.