That sh*t Ted Kennedy is dead

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by RangeStew, Aug 26, 2009.

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  1. Breaking news. Ted Kennedy is dead. What a shame another one of that awful family has kicked the bucket. Yippee.
  2. It has to be said that that family has done Britain few favours in the past and,whilst I cannot rejoice at his passing,I will shed no tears either.
  3. I would imagine the family of Mary Jo Kopechnie feel that their daughter finally has some kind of justice now.
    I also wonder if Gerry & Martin will pitch up at his funeral........ :evil:
  4. Hope he's rotting in hell with Bobby Sands and his mates... Provo loving b*stard,
  5. Hoorah!

    No loss to mankind
  6. But good news for earthworms! :D
  7. Great way to start the day one more log for the fires of hell!
  8. Oh it is just a wonderful morning!
  9. No chance it involved him driving off the end of a bridge ;-)?
  10. Excellent news - will have a few beers in celebration at lunchtime.
  11. If the weather stays fine, I think I'll mow the lawn today.

    And as for that scrote Kennedy, at least he wasn't shot.
  12. Me too. :D
  13. Not so the BBC, who appeared to be eulogising him this morning as if he was a combination of Roosevelt and Lincoln.
  14. Well the Kennedy's are like royalty over there (Not sure why).

    I expect there will be a story on how Ted would have died 20 years earlier if the US had the NHS! Why let a death slow the political engine from running.