That sh*t Ted Kennedy is dead

Breaking news. Ted Kennedy is dead. What a shame another one of that awful family has kicked the bucket. Yippee.
It has to be said that that family has done Britain few favours in the past and,whilst I cannot rejoice at his passing,I will shed no tears either.
I would imagine the family of Mary Jo Kopechnie feel that their daughter finally has some kind of justice now.
I also wonder if Gerry & Martin will pitch up at his funeral........ :evil:
Hope he's rotting in hell with Bobby Sands and his mates... Provo loving b*stard,
If the weather stays fine, I think I'll mow the lawn today.

And as for that scrote Kennedy, at least he wasn't shot.
mnairb said:
Not so the BBC, who appeared to be eulogising him this morning as if he was a combination of Roosevelt and Lincoln.
Well the Kennedy's are like royalty over there (Not sure why).

I expect there will be a story on how Ted would have died 20 years earlier if the US had the NHS! Why let a death slow the political engine from running.


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Just listened to the Today prog on Radio 4 - always a sure way to start the day with a grump - but today was especially vile. The whole first 5 minutes was all about the tragic death of that terrorist loving basturd, Kennedy. He was portrayed as a leading figure on the American Left - which is why of course the BBC love him - but also as a member of a political dynasty.

Ironic, isn't it, how many 'Socialists' get where they are through family connections!


mnairb said:
Not so the BBC, who appeared to be eulogising him this morning as if he was a combination of Roosevelt and Lincoln.
LOL yes they would do that...he was no friend to us :roll:

typical BBC.... :wink:
Quite, but then isn't it always the way? He was clearly a personally deeply flawed and egocentric individual who was fortunate not to end up in clink.

His misplaced sense of loyalty clearly played well with his electorate and I believe there are few politicians that would turn down that gift horse. Even then, he had the good sense to moderate his stand on Ulster ('graciously' agreeing that protestants could stay in a united Ireland and snubbing Gerry Adams in 2005). There were questions about his fundraising but as far as I know he never openly condoned violence, so what makes him any different to other republican/nationalist members of this site with whom we debate?

However, there are a lot of poor or historically disadvantaged Americans that will remember his stand on civil and voting rights, his opposition to Iraq and his support for socialised healthcare.

In short, I won't miss him a jot but there are a few million people who will thank him today and we should at least recognise his achievements as well as his personal failings.
He was never a friend to the UK, so good riddance.
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