That SAS(R) forum is back

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by painters_M16, Apr 18, 2009.

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  1. If anyone is interested it looks like that artistsrifles SAS(R) forum is back again. The old one was pretty good if you are interested in an attempt at reserve selection. Looks like its only getting started again though.

    Heres the address -
  2. Has anyone else had a look at this place? If so whats your take on it? Walt haunt or genuine?

  3. Is it run by that mad fucking witch from Worthing? If so, run away. 8O
  4. No def not her. Heard all about that one... total bunny boiler!

    Seems that the admon knows his stuff, seems genuine enough to me but just looking other opinions. Very strict rules which maes me think its genune to.
  5. The site is picking up a bit and theres even some pretty good phys advice. Honest, go and look.
  6. Cheers Chubb- will do
  7. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    Absolutely. There are now a whole 62 members, and most of the posts are stickies by the Admins.
  8. Yeah well with the site topic and purposely tight security its hardly going to be jumping now is it... :roll: And the stickies are all for basic advice and to tackle all the mong questions that get asked hundreds of times.

    The fact that someone from the stab dessies has even bothered to do this and offer hopefulls a bit of advice is great. Not like the twats (that know fuk all about it anyway) who give out a fuking slagging to any lad on here for even mentioning the SAS. At least there they'll be taken seriously provided they arnt time wasters.
  9. Well I've registered and asked the fair question of how much service Admin has in HM Forces and 21 and all I've had is the threat of a ban because that info would break persec. Knobbers.
  10. That's a bit odd.... I doubt it would break persec to simply say I am the admin "siteadmin" and i've been in x years.
  11. Actually bukit, from what I read, you tried to start an argument I think.

    Anyway, the site is supposed to be a training advice site, not a place to swap war stories or question who does what. I for one think the admin is legit, he's answered all the questions I ever asked him.
  12. I would humbly suggest it's slightly suspect.

    Those that can, do it. Those that can't set up a website dispensing knowledge like swill to the swine.
  13. Fair enough. Everyone is entitled to their opinions ! :D
  14. You failed to impress him with your 16 years in, eh?

    The whole looks iffy - although the the Paddy Mayne doc was pretty good.
  15. Thats actually another reason I thin the admin is kegit. As soon as that paddy mayne post went up it went straight into their version of the Bagders Arrse. He doesnt tolerate walting of any sort.

    Anyway, I think I'm fighting a loosing battle here with you lot :D

    I for one am going to hang about and learn what I can.