That SA80.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by braveheart, Feb 1, 2006.

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  1. Does anyone realise how gutting it is when you find out that you can't joing ANY of the armed forces because of something you were born with? I have a lazy right eye and an almost perfect left eye, but because it's my right eye thats bad I can't use the SA80 - i meet the visual standards for the army if my eyes were reversed (just to add insult to injury).

    Does anyone know anyone in a similar position? or have any thoughts on the fact that the SA80 can only be used from the right shoulder? I understand there is a lot of forces personnel here, so i believe i'm in the right place to ask this kind of question.

    Obvious the world doesn't evolve around me, so i don't expect any exceptions to be made to accomidate my bast*rd vision - but it is bloody annoying, especially when this army is apparently going through a recruitment crisis.

    Oh well, god knows what im going to do now. 18 years old, physically fit and keen/determined enough to give it a hell of a shot -but the shutters have been pulled so I guess that's that.

    Good luck everyone serving and hopefully when the SA80 is eventually scrapped (all be it could be 10 years) it is in favour of a rifle accommodating left eyed people like me... if it is, i'll be back.

    Cheers... rant over.
  2. Lazy left eye, almost perfect right eye.....

    I think that your biggest problem would be actually hitting the right target, as opposed to the positioning of the cocking handle on the L85A1/2...
  3. Are you saying you have a lazy left eye and a good right eye? If so it confirms that the only reason im unable to join is the fact that its my right eye.

    I've been shooting since a young age with my uncle, starting with an air rifle and a can. With a bit more practice, im fairly confidant i'd be able to hit the right target.
  4. Not even some sort of mechanic in the REME? Last time I checked you don't need a perfect anything to be a balding, 20+ stone reccy mech.....
  5. No - I'm not saying that.

    Irrespective of the design of the rifle, it would appear that your eyesight would not meet the standard required for joining up. It is unfortunate, but many people find themselves in the same position.
  6. Wasn't some rule about big beefcakes lifted? Stopping people who were extremely strong/fit yet had a high BMI (or something like that)?

    Yes.....your sig image prompted me to say this.
  7. Ah right im with you now.

    You've actually hit upon another of my unanswered questions - being is it the fact I have a lazy eye, or is it because of the rifle that prevents me joining. The honest and short answer is i don't know. I had the question in my letter to the recruitment office, but it wasn't answered in the reply.

    The armys website has the visual standards, in the left eye you need 6/36 vision (my right eye meets that requirement), and in the right if i remember correctly you need 6/9 or better - my left eye meets that. However, is it the fact i have amblyopia (lazy eye) that stops me from joining, rather than just a dodgy right eye? who knows.

    People think of a lazy eye meaning one eye is looking in some random direction, which can sometimes be the case. However, with me, my eyes are wired up fine, they both point where I want them to point, and i still have peripheral vision to the right - just not very good vision... so your point is also up for debate.
  8. WOT? all the Rech Mechs I know are all round perfect idividuals, no, really..........
  9. Braveheart, is it something that can be corrected via surgery?
  10. Just a perfect example of courage, like the Reccy mech Cpl with SCOTS DG on TELIC 1 who spent eight hours under constant fire in the open, recovering a CR2. A VM Cpl was providing covering fire on the CRARRV GPMG, exposed to enemy fire from the waste up for the same time. Take the p*ss out of them, why don't you? Pillock.
  11. TheManWho..................... gets a pint off me next time I see him.......................

  12. Im told no. The problem with amblyopia is not the eye itself, but the 'wires' in which the eye and brain are linked, which is apparently beyond any laser capabilities at the minute... i will check it out for def tho
  13. thanks i'll have a look...
  14. Try and join a commonwealth army, the Aussies fire M4's and can be operated from either shoulder