THAT rifle

Back when I was a cadet "That Rifle!" was THIS RIFLE!!! :eek::eek::eek:


And when you got really elite in the cadet world i.e 3 star+ YOU GOT THAT RIFLE!!! i.e the sh*t L86A1 and at 15 you got over excited...


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Your unit may well have been holding weapons for another, UK-based, unit that was not yet established for SLRs - perhaps a TA reinforcement group, or some other unit to be mobilised in wartime.

Another possibility is that the No4s were the allocation of rifles for service shooting competitions. At that time, civilian and service target shooting (which was huge in those days) was still mostly being done with .303" as Service Rifle A or B ("SRa, SRb". A is standard issue rifle, B is rifle fitted with target sight and used with a target sling).
You could well be right on both counts there, 4(T)! I well remember TA wallahs turning up at our barracks and being issued with Lee-Enfields for schemes, which I found rather strange at the time, since they were also Medics, and because we other, regular, MAs (or "CMTs") were either issued a Smudge or an L9. But your reasoning makes sense.

All of our officers carried that rifle, the smgs were kept for the folk that needed them!
You mean the Baker don't you.
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