That Rifle . . .

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Robo-Syd, Jul 22, 2013.

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  1. NO, not 'that' Rifle! This Rifle. Or is it a Rifle at all......

    A quick quiz for those who are into Guns. What is it?

    It currently sits on my dining room wall with a couple of other prized items. Bit of a 'very', amateur collector.

  2. Give that Man a Coconut! I think. 95% there anyway. This one is actually from South Australian, and made by Lancaster of the UK. circa 1861. Orginal.

    It's the Lancaster Sappers and Miners Carbine. A bit shorter than the rifle. Give away is two brass rings not three around the barrel. Wanted the Rifle but it was way too much at Auction.
  3. This one should be really easy. (I thought the last one might be tricky.........) And it should have the Taffs warming up for 'Men of Harlech'...... which I had some ammo for it!


    I think this one is circa 1880.
  4. A Martini Henry Mk I Rifle.

    There is a spotters thread for this type of thing somewhere...

  5. I will retire once more to my corner. You guys are too good at this!
  6. Oh, come on, there are people on this site that probably had them issued new!
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  7. Very true! Have to say I never got to fire a Martini Henry. Would love to have a go. Has a nice feel to it.