That prat who lurks in bushes on Exmoor under a commo net

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by jesse, Dec 30, 2010.

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  1. He's got all the cammo gear and several gash tattoos but does anyone know if;- "Oive got sum otters on moy land" Johnny Kingdom ever served, Army Navy or Crab? Anybody know him and got any dits about him? I piss myself laughing at him, a great comedian, but! for all the wrong reasons.
  2. I met him last year while on holiday on Exmoor, a decent enough bloke, doesn't claim to be anything he's not, he was happy to stand and chat to a couple of tourists and point us in the right direction for the best walks and places to view the wildlife.

    He's a bit of light entertainment, harmless enough.

    Who cares if he served or not, although he'd probably drop a couple of places in my estimation if he was an ex crab or navy.
  3. No idea if he ever served but its of no interest to myself. Those who ve met Johnny will doubtless find him affable and genuine. Done well for himself and famous . Hardly a prat then :)

  4. Don't worry about that, he's not intelligent enough to be either. :)
  5. Johnny Kingdom - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Being as he was born in 1939, its a pretty good bet he did National Service

    "Johnny has confessed to being scared of flying, horses, and heights.

    That counts him out of the Cavalry, and RAF then.
  6. Anyone remember Smokey Joe?
  7. Which one? STANTA had one, many years ago: a revolting, elf-like creature who survived on rabbits and strong drink.

    ............then there was the Phantom Wanker of Dhekelia Ranges.
  8. When I was back in the UK OB we searched the house of a walt of epic proportions. He was ex regular army but had been tossed out after a CDT but, along with a couple of other saddo's, was going up to SENTA in his green Suzuki samurai. Once there he'd put a SAS beret on the dash to prevent it getting towed and spend a couple of days in full kit, complete with air rifle cammed up, and stalking the guys on EX up there occasionally nicking their kit.

    When we searched his place he had tons of kit, rations, a smoke grenade, and loads of photos of him and his mate in various locations on SENTA posing in SAS berets.
  9. Wearing DPM does not a Walt make. Have a good wank and calm down.xHamster's Free Porn Videos NSFW.