THAT post

As a member of a different corps i have never been a fan of the RMP, however, they wear the same uniform as us and have a job to do.

Out of respect to those 6 brave guys i think the "i hate RMPs post should be removed"


First let me say that my condolences go out to all friends and family of the 6 brave RMP who gave their lives.

I've never been a fan of censorship stevie, however I have reviewed the comments on that topic and seeing as no-one has commented on it since the end of May I have locked it.

I would be interested to hear anyone else's view on this.................
Soldier_ Why.....Out of respect I think you have done the right thing by doing that. Some of the posts were awful. You are all in the same Army..The best in the world.
Woolyback02 said:
You are all in the same Army..The best in the world.
Absolutely!! However there will always remain a friendly rivalry between the different Regiments and Corps. Sometimes to the outsider this may look outrageous and bordering on hatred, but believe it or not we all actually quite get on (most of the time). Squaddie humour is generally very dark (and we do like a good argument - just look at the NAAFI Forum!) and as much as I would like to try and explain it to you here - you really do have to have been there.

Out of consideration for those involved I have locked the topic mentioned above, but if you read through it again - with your tongue very firmly in cheek - I think you'll agree it probably isn't that bad.

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