That "Pond" in front of Offrs Mess in Blandford...

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by fuctifino, Oct 16, 2007.

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  1. ...As you've never seen it before, unless you were there of course.

    Was in the process of clearing out some gear in the loft over the w'end and found this, which raised a minor chuckle, as I recall the miscreants involved thought it would be a good idea on a Friday night / Saturday Morning.

    For some reason Brig. T*****k didn't see the funny side as he had a dinner arranged for that night, grumpy old bugger.

    If memory serves me right this was 2 weeks after "Let's put J****'s Mini in dining room!" and 2 weeks before "I wonder if you can make a drink that has the Corps colours n the right order?" Silly and childish but WTF, I really was exceedingly drunk.....

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  2. Are you still exceedingly drunk? The reason I ask is that was pure drivel.
  3. yup, but to your credit it did take me a while to realise the posting limit size on images, so I wasted 10 minutes trying to post a 2Meg image file and i can see how the post would have appeared complete bollocks without the picture, actually that said itisn't that much better with the image, but never mind I stopped giving a rats about what anyone else thinks about the same time I left the service. Happy Christmas EVERYONE, except Tiny Tim, because he's a thieving little tosser.
  4. Thats because he WAS a grumpy old bugger.
    I went to his Dining In the Sgts Mess, and the outcome was a fantastic RSM missing out on commissioning, the PEC was bust to Sgt and banned from the Mess for his last 6 months in the Army.

    It wasn't as if the dinner was any more boisterous than normal.
  5. Seems a bit harsh guru. Why would the PEC be busted?

    Brig should have been told that it was an honour to be in the Mess. And keep it zipped.
  6. Sounds scandalous Guru ! TELL US MORE :D
  7. You have to tell us more