That poem

Discussion in 'Poetry Corner' started by CQMS, Oct 10, 2009.

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  1. It's getting to that time of year.

    Nov 29 ark-angel
    Nov 30 jarrod248

    Dec 01 CQMS
    Dec 21 daywalker
  2. 25th of November
  3. 30th Oct.

    A tenner on it to Hols4Heroes.
  4. I don't care when, as long as it's soon.

    I love that poem.
  5. 5 goooooold rings
  6. It's getting to that time of year.

    Oct 30 Sluggy
    Nov 25 Tartan_Terrier
    Nov 29 ark-angel
    Nov 30 jarrod248

    Dec 01 CQMS
    Dec 02 Saintstone
    Dec 21 daywalker
  7. What poem :?


  8. Hmmm, didn't see the Tenner to HolsForHeroes bit :(
    So gonna have to pull out, still haven't figured out how to wire cash across from SA, we don't have PayPal and what not
  9. Mr Mellie, you can shove it.

    If it gets on here before 30th Oct, I win.
  10. 28th of November.

    Tenner to Hols for H if I'm wrong.
  11. I'll say Xmas Eve. Just like I did last year.

    I'll be way wrong of course, just like I was last year.
  12. Ok then i will go for the 28th November


  13. I was going to say that too.

    CQ, make some rules up please.
  14. The winner gets this stylish trophy


    Everyone else punts a tenner H4H's way.
  15. It's not ginger. I will take nothing else but a Pippy Pooh, after he's been eating carrots.

    Hols4Heroes is my preferred choice, but you're the daddy.