that plastic hessian stuff we covered our L/Rovers with...

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Mr Happy, Jan 21, 2006.

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  1. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    I've been 2 Civ Div for a while now but can anyone confirm if we are still using that plastic hessian type sheeting to cover our green fleet with in the field, if I recall it was for IR screening and also helped 'hide shadows under the 4T' but the last I remember hearing is that after 20 years of use that its been thrown out. I'd like to know if it worked or why I was covering my FFR with the stuff on exercise for ten years when if you asked me it was at best an alternate to the standard cam net in urbal environments.

    We obviously also chucked up a cam net with mushrooms and so on in the woods.

    I guess I'm just trying to work out if I spent 100's of nights putting that crap up and down for no value whatsoever...
  2. Yes we're still using it. It comes in handy too as a weed supressant in the garden.
  3. One of its more practical uses then!!
  4. I helped, over the glorious summer of 1991 to erect several kilometers of it on the fence of Fransisca Barracks near Krefeld to stop casual viewing. The first windy day of Autumn saw most of it wrapping itself around the local train station and krauts houses. Took a drive past the camp about a year and a half ago, although the place has been handed back to the local vandals i was pleased to see some of the "urban cam" still on the fence which is sheltered by thick woodland. God knows what that exercise cost in material and manpower, but its one of the singly most pointless jobs i've ever been given.
  5. I believe that every TA unit has rolls and rolls of the stuff which is only wheeled out for dinners and alike in the drill hall. Somebody always seems to think that covering the walls in the stuff will look good and make people forget they're in the drill hall. It looks bonk.
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  6. Yep we still use it, rolls and rolls of it. We stitch it together to make a 'Big Bertha' cover for the QM / cooks vehs. A standard L/R and tlr uses about 60 feet of it
  7. Handy for indoor golf ranges in the MT/Plant/Tank hangars (circa 1990, Smuts Bks Berlin).
  8. still used fpr all ranks piss ups in hangers where people think it looks nice when you paint murals on it by the lads. which always looks like some has had an eppy on it.
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  9. there is a new version out now that we used on our last trade camp quite a weird textured horrible brown colour
  10. Watto - can you PM me the NSN
  11. Nagh fraid not dont know it myself it was really weird heavy stuff though not the old plastic type of stuff its a proper cloth material again & supposed to be IRR & heat relfective now May be somebody from the QM's may be able to help us with the NSN number
  12. and surprise surprise its like rocking horse shit
  13. I was on Trade camp in November with 36 sigs Polar over at donnington, & they had 4 dets out & all dets had the new Cam on them dont know if its cause it was a trade camp as a show thing or not, also 2 of the dets had the new cam poles the dome type poles that was designed for the artillery guys
  14. sort of thing you could cover a relay with easily ?
  15. not sure wat a relay due to i ma new to the signals trade after being infantry for 9 & half years & are you i persume talking bout the poles