That << Osama captured>> report in full, Page 3

Osama captured, election fodder for Dubya ?

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Thought you might like this one:

Sunday Mirror
Sunday, February 29, 2004
Early Page: 2
Circ: 1,674,454 Area: 242.13 sq. cm

In Iran, State radio reported that Osama Bin Laden had been taken prisoner in in a remote area of Pakistan “ a long time ago” and that the announcement was being delayed to coincide with George Bush’s re-election campaign.
But the claim was rejected by US Defence officials.
One said it was just “another piece of stray voltage that’s passing around “


Remember where you heard it first - ARRSE!

A la bonne heure, bleus!



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Gosh, there's even more cynicism here than I for electoral shenanigans..erm....Florida?...Jeb Bush?

I've seen first hand our own cuddly British Government's media manipulation in action.

I don't really care if it gets Dubya re-elected - i just hope it's true.

Aux armes, mes braves
Well the spirit of Goebbels is alive and well in the US administration.
Goatblower, are you a septic? cos you appear to believe anything.


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TURP said:
Goatblower, are you a septic? cos you appear to believe anything.

Hmmm....what?....I heard that !......(startled awake from post convergence meeting stupor, artery exposed...)

Dunno Turp - what's a septic ? Some scaleyback term of (non)endearment ?

I was born a skeptic, especially when it comes to anything from MoD-Which-Art-in-Whitehall (may the Sun continue to Shine from their Hip pocket, Insh'Allah),particularly if it relates to:
i) Pay and Conditions
ii) The Defence Budget
iii) Future shape/size of the armed Forces

As to Osama -

I believe he is alive
I believe he is still (to some degree) at liberty
I believe (perhaps naively) that the U.S will not rest until he is either dead or captured. Whether they have devoted sufficient time and energy to that end is moot.

pip pip Mon colonel !

Le Chevre
I believe he is alive and at liberty

After all, now the goddamn commies aren't the threat anymore.....

Now where's my tinfoil chapeau :D
Goatman said:
Dunno Turp - what's a septic ? Some scaleyback term of (non)endearment ?
Septic tank = yank

go to its full of them and they really do believe anything


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TURP said:
Goatman said:
Dunno Turp - what's a septic ? Some scaleyback term of (non)endearment ?
Septic tank = yank

go to its full of them and they really do believe anything thanks. I used to hang about in a newsgroup called sci.miltary.naval and, admire them though one will, it got a bit...wearisome.

I actually quite get on with the Cousins (but then I've been known to confess to liking French people too) which puts me in a very small minority in UK, let alone HMF, who it seems to me universally detest anything Yank on principle....apart from SOME of their kit that is!

How much of it is post-imperial penis-envy I'm not too sure....

pip pips,peeps [yawn]

Le Chevre


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Gosh the BBC are wonderful: look what they kindly sent me -

Iranian radio says capture of Bin-Ladin from "reliable source"

Text of report in English by Iranian news agency IRNA

Tehran, 28 February: Iran's state radio has quoted an informed source as saying that Usamah Bin-Ladin had been captured in a tribal region in Pakistan.
The radio's external service, broadcast in Pashto, said US Secretary of Defence Donald Rumsfeld's trip to Pakistan on Thursday [26 February] had been made in connection with the capture.
The radio said: "The capture of the Al-Qa'idah leader has been made sometime before, but (US President George W.) Bush is intending to announce it when the American presidential election is held."
Contacted by IRNA, an IRIB announcer at the Pashto service, confirmed the news, which he said, they had got from a 'very reliable source' in Peshawar, Pakistan.
"Usamah Bin-Ladin has been arrested a long time ago, but (US President George W.) Bush is intending to use it for propaganda manoeuvring in the presidential election," he said.
Usamah's head on a platter is believed to be a big boost to Bush's presidential chances, which are increasingly being eclipsed by Democratic presidential front-runner John Kerry.
The Saudi-born dissident is accused of masterminding the 11 September 2001 attacks on American landmarks in New York and Washington.
Visiting Kabul on Thursday, Rumsfeld said he believes Usamah will be caught, but has no idea when.

Source: IRNA news agency, Tehran, in English 1013 gmt 28 Feb 04

BBC Mon Alert ME1 MEPol ms
©Copyright British Broadcasting Corporation 2004


this was the source of the Sunday mirror article - whether the BBC counts as a creditable source on something posted by another (State) radio organisation is moot.

(If the Ayatollah says so, it must be true!)
As soon as Bin-Ladin is located/captured. George Bush will have a difficult dissision to make. After all the bace of polotics is manover for power. so here are his possablilitys and there outcomes.

1.) Anounce the Capture with flags flying and turmpets blowing. and be rememberd as the man who court Bin-Ladin. But the US is using terror and Bin-Ladin as their exuse to assum powers which breach human rights. At the moment Mr Bush has the US public so sacired with threats of what Bin-Ladin will do to them that thay will back him in any thing that he wants to do in the name of Anti Terror.

2.) Let it be known that Bin-Ladin is still at large and keep the powers granted for the fight against him.

The best Idea would probably be to hold him untill George Bushes popularity starts to fall then bring him out.
the only problem with this course or action is that if it is discoverd that Bush has been out right lieing to his people then he will probably fall from favor very quickly.
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