"That One Option for Iran" - a Russian perspective

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by GuyT, Aug 21, 2007.

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  1. "That One Option for Iran" (Kommersant)

    The article starts:

    "Six Days of Nightmare

    Day 1. After one month of debate, the UN Security Council imposes strict sanctions on Iran over its suspicious nuclear program.

    Day 2. Iran withdraws from the Non-Proliferation Treaty and tests a nuclear weapon.

    Day 3. The United States bombs Iranian nuclear sites, air bases, and air defense targets but spares Iran’s oil infrastructure to minimize disruption of the world oil market.

    Day 4. Iran announces that it will deny its oil exports to any country that does not condemn the U.S. action, but it continues to produce oil at the same levels.

    Day 5. Pro-Iranian Shiite militias in Iraq stage an uprising, shutting down Iraqi oil production in the southern oil fields. This takes roughly 60 percent of Iraq’s oil exports off the world market. Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez announces an oil embargo against the U.S. in support of Iran. The OPEC condemns the U.S. aggression but ignores Iran’s call for an embargo. China, Japan, and the European Union condemn the United States to escape Iranian oil threats. Russia condemns the U.S. and continues oil production at maximum capacity to exploit higher oil prices.

    Day 6. An oil tanker is sunk by a mine in the Strait of Hormuz. Iran is believed to be responsible but does not claim responsibility. U.S. intelligence says that the mine was laid by Iranian Revolutionary Guards. Saudi Arabia announces that it will divert as much oil as possible to Red Sea ports." .........

    Interesting reading.

    Global perspective - http://www.TT-IRAQ.com


  2. Day 7 China and Japan enter an active military alliance with the US to prepare for the destruction of the Iranian regime, elements of Europe and a reluctant Russia agree.

    Month 6 Global alliance for the suppression of the Shia heresy enters the scorched wasteland that was once Persia.
  3. Day 8 the US mobilises its reserves and warns Iran it will invade if they continue to threaten the USs economy.

    Dumb arrse Iranian government says it will not be ordered about by the big satan.

    Day 14 US invades Iran destroying its armed forces in 5 days, installs puppet leader and the world continues to turn.
  4. And the band played 'Believe it if you like'.
  5. ...and then production of biodiesel and other alternatives to petroleum gets kicked into gear and without a market for their only viable commodity, the populace of the Middle East return to semi nomadic goat herding.

    Iran, Saudi Arabia, and all the other oil producers know that the only thing keeping thier product valuable is that it's cheaper than alternatives. We're the price of it to exceed the cost of developing other resources, they will lose period. That is why they will tweak noses occasionally but always stay back from crossing the line.
  6. I think the worlds oil market would go bananas with out the US destroying Iran's crappy oil infrastructure. See bold.