That old sort on the nivea tv ad

Well Would You ?????

  • Yep, of course, nothing wrong with a bit of crinkly

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  • Errrrrguh grey pubes

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You know the one, some elderly bint thats kept in shape and tries on dresses etc, yeah sure shes a bit lined about the eyes and sagging in places, but would you ??
aye i remember the 48 year old i got abused by back in 98 i met in sticky mats in amesbury i was only 18 nearly scarred me for life hahaha
Aaaaaarrrrrrhhhhhhhh, MYLF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HHHHMMMMMMMM ! :)

Nowt wrong with a bit of experiance! :)
No picture avaliable, I can't recall the ad.
The bird off the Shake n' Vac ad still gives me the raging horn! They did some greatest ads-type prog a few months back, and she was on it. She'd still 'ave it! Oh aye! :twisted:
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