That Man... Yes You!

The-Lord-Flasheart said:
Zeitgeist said:
BanjoBill said:
How the fek do you log out...? haven't been here for a while... can't see the button. :oops:

Go to my account... I think you've got me at it now aaaaaargh

But surely if he did that, it would log you out?[/quote]

My god Flash that was quick I did not even get time to edit...hey someones trying to log me out ......


[serious mode]
You keep automatically logging in because of a cookie the site places on your computer. Go to options in your browser, clear cookies, and clear stored passwords.
[/serious mode]

Fugly said:
Can't you maniacs use a simple "quote" button properly?
No.. but have now cleared all my passwords... how do I log into my bank account and all those other sites requiring a password?

Just kidding.... completely ignored you. :salut:

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