That Major again


Whilst Pte Atkins is courts-martialled for missing a guard!
I know of two Warrant Officer's both in their final tour of duty, who were banged by the blue traffic meanies for doing under a ton, each.

A fine and pointsfrom the Beak followed.  They get back to camp and the Brigade commander takes the LS&GC off both of them.  Apparently it could have been worse.  Going to court apparently brings the Army into disrepute within the army Act, interesting to see what happens if you are a TV star......

but dosen't he seem like a nice chap?  An appropriate "cough" in MS branch will probably resolve the issue???
Now it is more than apparant that this cookie has a debt problem.  His recent antics have shown that he has been more than a bit frugal with the honesty thing.  What else is due to come out of the woods?  Has the Army considered looking at any recent 'claims' which he may have submitted?   I believe that if they scratch a bit deeper, 'Our Man in Debt', will be revealed for what he truly is.   He may appear a nice guy on the face of it, but I've never trusted a thief and that is what he is.    He's also an embarrassment to the Service.  Get rid of him now.   I'd bet my shirt that he's committed several offences in the mob, for which he should be Courts Martialled.   He may come over as the 'Bumbling Major', but actions speak louder than words and his actions have screamed deception.  
He really does come across as Tim Nice But Dim. It's not just the disrepute that's a problem, it's how embarassing he is as an example of the intellect, common sense and integrity of a British Army Officer.

They just remind me of the Hamiltons, except I have more respect for Christine Hamilton than I do Diana Ingram!

I suspect this will run and run...

On a lighter note: As for the left nipple / trouser leg brigade.... we could always club together and send him an anonymous (ahem!) gift of an ARRSE T-shirt. That would sort his left nipple out. Apparently.


On a lighter note: As for the left nipple / trouser leg brigade.... we could always club together and send him an anonymous (ahem!) gift of an ARRSE T-shirt. That would sort his left nipple out. Apparently.

Wouldn't it be more appropriate to leaf one and present it to him? ;D ;D ;D
Intellect, common sense,integrity, British Army Officer.........all in the same sentence?  hahahahahahahahaha!!  stop it !! I'll wet myself!! :D :D :D :D :D


Is this man still serving? If he is then surely a charge of bringing the Army into disrepute should follow?

He's also up in court AGAIN soon. This time in Bouremouth charged with deception linked to dodgy insurance claims.
If he was a soldier, yep, but as he's an officer I would expect him to be *asked* to resign, with no outstanding charges.

They could always go down the AGAI 67 route, but whilst I've seen a few tries at using it (from a CO whose *moral standards* are stronger than the popes), I've yet to see it go all the way.


War Hero
In my reckoning, the Army will no doubt be trying to confirm a way of getting rid of him that leaves him with no rights whatsoever (pension etc etc).  To allow him to resign would be wrong.  Before the Army Board will make a decision on whether or not he should be dishonourably discharged thay will want to be totally sure that their case is water tight, ensuring that there is no come back for wrongful dismissal.  Have no doubts that the Army Legal Service will be working overtime to ensure that when he gets booted he goes for good without any further payment.


I know he's majorly f*cked up, but I can't imagine they'll get away with removing his pension. I know the Army Legal Service is bound to make the case watertight, but I suspect they will be taking advice from external employment lawyers too. Otherwise it's just going to cry out for a test-case tribunal. Sorta thing Cherie Blair would previously have got involved in! Sorta thing I love to see happening, because it can often change laws.

I would, of course, agree that he should not be entitled to reap the benefits of such a pension, especially not EARLY (ie to tide him over now he's skint). However, the current paper value of any contributions should, surely, be made available for him to transfer (ie paper value before maturity or lump sums come into play).

However, I admit that I'm not up on (a) Army terms of service and (b) exemptions from Pension laws in the UK, specifically for Armed Forces. I know they tend to be excluded from all the other laws that come in!


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What contributions?  The armed forces pension is non-contributable.  


 Have no doubts that the Army Legal Service will be working overtime to ensure that when he gets booted he goes for good without any further payment. I bet he's really worried about that one....
What contributions?  The armed forces pension is non-contributable

you do our pay is abducted at source, currantly  by seven per cent  and this is just contributions by another name........................well thats what Maj Gen Gordon said
Can they actually take his pension from him?  I don't think that they can.  The Army's only apparent option is to ask him to resign on full pension.  I might be wrong here, but he's done the time to qualify for his pension and it can't be taken from him.   I'm sure someone else got the boot in similar circumstances, had his pension removed, but had it re instated on appeal.  

Anybody got the DS solution to this one?

I don't think it'll bother him anyway...............not when considering the film rights he'll have (if that rumour is true) ;D
Now what I've been told (and bear in mind that I am not remotely connected with the Major, Army pensions, ALS or anything else) is that he is being administratively discharged (or asked to resign) from the Army with full pension rights. However, your friends and mine at SIB are examining every pie that he has ever had a finger in to try and establish whether he has ever been fraudulent in the past. If he has been, then he will have these rights removed.

He may be broke but he has had offers of £2m+ from the US for endorsements, interviews and advertising (for products such as cough medicine... Seriously)


Bowman - only reason I thought they MIGHT be contributary pensions is that NOW under the 2001 Stakeholder Pension changes, every employer has to provide access to a pension scheme. Not necessarily "employer contributions" but access to a scheme no less. I haven't asked Mr Pad about how that's affected him as (a) I don't think it has and (b) he's a bit of an admin vortex at times.

The Armed Forces may have been exempt from this change in the law... ? But if they were exempt, with reassurances that "Oh yes we have our own pension provision and it's very good, blah blah blah" then their assurances will now be worthless, in the case of then losing pension rights (Maj Ingram).

But as Arctic Socks has suggested, Maj Gen Gordons comments could be useful if Maj Ingram is faced with this situation.

From a civvie point of view, the simplest option to pay people to go away and keep quiet. Compromise agreements and restrictive covenants, and a tidy sum of money. And a note that says "Never darken our doors again".

As for him profiting from the sale of the book / film etc in America - what would happen to the profits which would otherwise have gone to him, when the film is released in the UK?

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