THAT letter; Enough is Enough?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Bravo_Bravo, Nov 10, 2009.

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  1. While there is no doubt that Mrs. Janes has suffered an hideous loss that will haunt her for the rest of her life, is it time to sit back and take stock?

    The PM actually took the time to hand-write a letter to her. Whatever you may think of him, this would have been a difficult thing to do. His handwriting is clearly atrocious, but if the letter had been typed, there would no doubt have been faux outrage with people saying it was typed by a flunky and just given to him to sign. There are some misspellings, but not as many as The Sun ( more of whom later ) would like the public to believe.

    Now, I have no reason to think that this is the first letter of its kind the PM has ghad to write. The Army is losing guys near daily, so there must be plenty of these letters around - no doubt in terrible script, and no doubt with spelling errors.

    But none of these other letters have surfaced.

    Now, following the involvement of The Sun, not only has the letter been published around the world, but when the PM took the time actually to phone Mrs. Janes to apologise, she just happened to have recording equipment to hand and recorded the conversation - which I suspect is a breach of the Telecommunications Act.

    It is common knowledge that The Sun has decided to campaign against Labour. While there is no doubt that this letter is of public interest, there seems to me to be little doubt that the Sun are using the grief of a bereaved mother for their own political purposes.

    I strongly suspect that some of the quotes attributed to Mrs. Janes are not her actual words: for example;

    "But the Government sent Our Boys and Girls out without the best equipment "

    just sounds like SunSpeak to me.

    Does anyone know if money has changed hands?

    Time to draw a line under this affair; The Sun are just using Mrs. Janes and the death of her son for their own purposes..

    RIP, Guardsman Janes. Sincere condolences, to Mrs. Janes.
  2. Well said BB, my thoughts as well.
  3. Seconded. :roll:
  4. Thirded
  5. Theres only so many times he can say sorry and the scum need to stop and leave the lady alone.
  6. Whilst I agree with the sentiments expressed by other above I do not agree that there is only so many times he can say sorry.
  7. Well said BB, you hit the nail on the head. I wonder how much the 'SCUM' offered her?
  8. I am no fan of Brown but I agree fully with what BB says. He may be a useless cnut (Brown, not BB :wink: ) but he has taken the time in what must be a fairly punishing schedule to write a note of condolences. I have not heard of ANY PM doing this on a regular basis before in history.

    Appaling writing it may be but; he's written it and then had the nuts to ring up and try to appologise for any offence caused. He may be held in a positively subterranean position as a leader in my opinion but, he has moved up the scale very slightly since this incident surfaced.

    Brown 1 - Sun 0 (own goal)
  9. Whilst I agree with your comments BB I still have one suggestion for the PM,

    Has he ever considered writing with a better quality pen instead of a permanent marker, at least then his atrocious handwriting would not look as bad (merely like doctors scribble).
  10. I may be totally wrong, but I was under the impression he wrote with thick pens due to his eye sight.
  11. Sue Arnold addresses this point:

    For a start, you have to use what I call a fat pen, ie a black felt pen, to get the necessary contrast. Posh fountain pens and biros are impossible. The last time I wrote a letter with a biro, my son told me it looked like birdtracks in snow – correction, pissed birdtracks in snow. The problem with fat pens is that they blur. The one Brown used to write a letter to Janes's mother was needle-thin compared to my marker pens. You can't form characters delicately with a fat nib. Your r's look like v's and your o's, if you don't finish them off neatly, can turn into u's. Of course Brown knows how to spell "comfort". It only looked like "cumfort" in his letter because he can't see well enough.
  12. I may be wrong but I'm led to believe every PM since Thatcher has done exactly the same. Don't know about before her.

  13. Ah, but did Lady Thatcher write to footballers and send them her condolences when they missed a penalty?