That Jessica Rabbit Look

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Dennis48, Nov 25, 2011.

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  1. Has Jessica Rabbit got a gob like a freshly-kicked cunt, then?
  2. Isn't that Pete Burns?

    I prefer the pre- shots, but I'd let her nosh me off for research reasons.
  3. I hope nobody pushes her face into a window, they'd never get her face off with the suction created by that trout pout.

  4. £4000? Why didn't she just buy a sheet of glass and push her face against it? Same result!
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  5. She was dead good-looking before. That's really sad.

    Hope she'll be able to get it reversed in 2 years when she realizes she looks like an inflatable doll.
  6. She should have spent the money correcting her 'Dip and Dazzle' eyes.
  7. I still would.
    But she looked better before.

    I also notice she now has the dead eyed stare of a prossie/porn actress.
    Well she had to raise the money someway I suppose.
  8. I don't know, she's just perfected the perfect cock-sukcing lips.

    Imagine yourself in the picture. Yes you would now, wouldn't you? :nod:

  9. I would have fattened her lips with a cricket bat for a fiver :)
    And yes I'd smash it's back doors in either before or after the skip licker op!
  10. rabbit.jpg

    she looks like a sucker fish,and nowt like JR

    Shes on dip and dazzle and she's spending 4 large on getting fat lips to look like pete burns, no wonder the worlds gone tits up.......I wonder if shes spent owt on them.
  11. Are you sure that it is def female and nost just Pete Burns in drag
  12. How is Pete Burns in drag different to just Pete Burns?

    Either way, she achieved the look with silicone injections. Dozy mare, thats really not a good choice of cosmetic procedure. It wont be long before her face is all lumpy as the silicone migrates to wherever it feels like!
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  13. See the trouble is it's already been done
  14. And that one works!