That Jenny has only gone and done it again!

Discussion in 'Waltenkommando' started by THESUNJOCK, Jan 28, 2013.

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  1. Who can recall this chap?
    Soldier quits after Facebook claims of serving with SAS and killing 100 people are exposed as lies | Mail Online

    Word on the street she has been up to her old tricks again.

    The sting operation

    Just wanted to say sexy wheels I noticed them on Drift-life Culture. Im a pit girl so see loads and like what I see. Do you compete?
    Jenny x
    • 31 December 2012

    Eddie Monster Skyline
    Hi Jenny, I do compeat but have not this year with problems I've had with the car but hoping to start up again in the new year. If you don't mind me asking where do you do the pit girl role?
    • 3 January

    Hi I do it with a few girls Sue Walting being one. Not sure if you know her. We do the Motorpoint Yamaha teams mostly. So I see you was an action man. Like it huge respect for the forces. my dad was in the Army years ago and he loved it what did you used to work as in the army. Sorry am i being nosy. lol

    Eddie Monster Skyline
    It's ok. I was a para for 8 year then went to RLC and become a specialist driver. I only come out due to an injury I got in Iraq I loved every second of the forces life. I've herd of Sue walting but I don't know her. Do you go to Santa pod? Or is it just tracks like sliverstone ? How long you been doing it for ?
    • 3 January

    Sliverstone mainly but have been learning the ropes from sue with other venues. I was going to help with a respectful nude photo shoot for Help for Heroes with Sue and the other girls but I was not in the country during the shoot so missed out. Next time I suppose.
    Sorry if I sound blonde (im not) lol but what's a Para? My dad used to drive for the Army I don't know what he drove as I never asked.

    Eddie Monster Skyline
    Para . Parachute regiment . Jump out of air craft lol if you dad drove he would of been RCT then RLC.

    Eddie Monster Skyline
    I'm not a big fan of help for Heros . As the money from the sale of items like the cuddle teddy bears t shirts hoddies and other stuff pays wages first then any admin and what Evers left over then gos to the troops. But from what I've seen very little gos to the troops. H4h promised so much when they come out in 2007 but lest than half of what they said would be done has been done. I think they are a big con
    4 January

    Wow I never knew that, so people are making money out yours and other soldiers bravery. Thats sick! Think I will get my kit off for another forces charity. lol. You jump out of plans for a living? that must be a great feeling. I have never done it myself, always wanted to but hate hights. How old was you when you jumped out of plans and was it scary? was that how you got hurt?

    Eddie Monster Skyline
    I was 17 when I did my first jump and I almost shit myself . It was the scariest moment of my life but at the same time one of the best. You would be shocked at how much money h4h keep . Last year it was over 4.8m I know this as I worked for them and when I found out I walked. I'm sure you will find someone to get your kit off for lol. Just don't forget to tell me I want to see the photos lol.

    Eddie Monster Skyline
    I was hurt in a ied blast thank god nothing bad but still had to leave because of it. I just thank god I've still both arms and legs unlike others I know
    • 5 January

    promis to give you a first sight when I do it. What charitys do you help now?

    5 January

    Eddie Monster Skyline
    I don't do any now but there are a few that I would if need be.
    Soldiers of the streets
    Army of angles
    Both have helped people I know out in the past. And thank you for the first look lol
    6 January

    lol So hows has your weekend been? just back from a club myself
    6 January

    Eddie Monster Skyline
    Glad your having fun. Hope you don't have to much of a hang over. X I've just been working on the car all weekend upgrade gear box and a few engine bits ,
    6 January

    Thanks but did not have much to drink as the club was after a racing promo with a few mates so needed to be on my guard. Quite a few football players who are up their own bums. cant stand them but they think their gods gift and hate it when I turn them down. One kept going on about a party for all three of us at his hotel room. I mean really. so sad!

    Eddie Monster Skyline
    Lol that's what money dos to some people just because they can kick a ball for 90 mins every few days they think they think there Heros and people own them everything they want . Sorry to here it was not the best night. You never know your next night out could be .
    7 January

    I know hate people like that, so up them self. I half could not do what you did in the army. Just been booked on the Santa Pod Raceway Stunt Fest on Saturday 23rd February. Have you been there before?
    loads of drifting, monster trucks Looking forward to it already, better get in the gym lol

    Eddie Monster Skyline
    I've never been to stunt fest , but been told its very good. But saying that anything at Santa pod apart from the Chav shit is real good. I might go to it if I can get the car up and running by then. As just doing a gearbox upgrade and some new bits for the engine . What you doing there?

    , wearing very little freezing and trying to look hot. Its a job but hay it pays the rent! As you are a forces hero I will ask if I can get you vip pass. Would you like that?

    Eddie Monster Skyline
    Wow . That would be amazing thank you. I've got a big coat so when I see you I can give you a hug and make sure your warm lol. Who you doing the promo work for ? Just so I know it's you lol
    And I'm not a hero. I was doing a job.
    7 January

    Not sure yet as the contract is with Grid Girls but will know closer the time. You are a hero just jumping out of airoplanes when you was so young is brave. How high up was you when you did your first plane jump btw i saw some army film the other day and it looked like the soldier were miles up, they had breathing masks on looked sexy but, scary!!

    Eddie Monster Skyline
    I jumped from around 1000-1200 feet. The ones with the masks are people like sas it called HALO High Altitude Low open that's hardcore stuff.

    wow sounds scary. mind you jumping so low must be scary as well wot if your parachute wont open. you can have much time

    Eddie Monster Skyline
    The parachute opens as soon as you leave the air craft . It's called static line jumping . So it's almost impossible that it would not open. If for some reason it don't you know with in seconds so you pull your reserve if that don't work you pray and bounces lol

    jumping lol how many times did you have jump out of aroplanes was it part of your work or just a fun past time. Sorry im just really impressed with this stuff. better than hearing some jumped up football player go on about himself and how much money he gets!!

    Eddie Monster Skyline
    Lol over 8 year I did around 110 jumps I would say half fun and half work. I'm no footballer that's a fact so don't worrie I will not go on about how much money I have or not.

    lol wow that is a lot does it get better with each one. I take by some not being fun that you had to jump into war zones and that type of stuff. I must sound boring to what you have done!

    Eddie Monster Skyline
    The paras have not jumped into a war zone since 1944 thank god. Most jumps were to be qualified to wear the wing on the uniform. But don't care who you are each jump still gives you the shits lol. But it's still great fun.

    Eddie Monster Skyline
    Far from boring . People think , that its easy to walk around half naked and looking amazing but they don't see the other side of it , ie footballers and being cold , standing around for what seems hours. Sometimes I think people like yourself are braver than most as I need a few beers to walk around half naked lol. Unless I'm with the right person
    8 January

    Aww Thanks that was a nice thing to say babe! It is hard more so when in this weather my nipples do stick out abit. lol
    You jump to wear a what on your uniform,a wing? That must be heavy. what did you have to do to get a wing? Sorry it sounds so strange. Hope im not being blonde again.

    Eddie Monster Skyline
    You have to do 8 jumps one at night to be able to wear the wings (pic attached) to say you can jump. Plus when you've done it you get extra pay. Called jump pay. Was around £2.500 extra but not sure what it is now. Fingers crossed its not too cold at Santa pod as don't want my eyes poked out by your nipples lol

    Cheeky lol I have to put extra padding in but they still push out. it gets the point the product gets ignored and the eyes are on my bits. lol
    Wow you jump at night as well how can you see anything that must be really hard to do. They look prity cool. So what made you want to be in the army and do that type of job as it sound like its more risky than what my dad used to.

    Eddie Monster Skyline
    I was born into the forces my family were all forces. I went to joking as a mechanic at first and after doing my fitness test I was asked if I would like to go para. The big thing for me was the extra money lol .
    Why extra padding ? Sure you don't need chicken fillets lol
    9 January

    I should hope not. lol Do you have to be more fitter to go in the para then? what did you have to do to prove it? We have to do a fitness test for our work as well and you would be shocked how many unfit girls who do look the part but mainly through just starving themself and cosmetic sugery. Mine are natural btw lol

    Eddie Monster Skyline
    Oh yeah you h e to be much fitter . One test is a 1.5 mile in under 9 mins where everyone else has it under 10.5 mins. As a para you do fitness atleast twice a day some times more. I can be leave that some people in your work will do such daft things to get a job
    9 January

    Oh yes some think fitness is going on a surgons table, under the knife and not eating. I like to work out quite a lot. I do hiking, rock climbing you name it. Did you do rock climbing in the army?

    Eddie Monster Skyline
    Once I tryed it didn't get on with it too good lol. Where do you go to do it?
    Mostly in the Gym but have done Cumbria and a big-crag route which did scare me half to death.

    Eddie Monster Skyline
    Never herd of it. What is it?
    10 January

    Its Crag Lough near Hadrian’s Wall. Best way to describe it would be to call the rock face having positive edges for food holds with comfortable cracks for leverage to get your hands in. There were loads depended on what skill the instructor thought you could safely do, I did the Handrians Buttress climb. Nice name lol.
    What do you have planned for the weekend then?

    Eddie Monster Skyline
    This weekend I plan to do nothing lol. Not really. Trying to get my car back on the road so I can get to the international auto show at the nec . Went last year was real good.
    What about you? What you going to do this weekend.

    lol was you there Nov last year?
    I was posing the Lancia Automobili stand

    Eddie Monster Skyline
    I was. Gutted I didn't know you back then. Oh we'll plenty more shows to meet you at
    Thats mad lol

    Eddie Monster Skyline
    Lol you never know we could of stud next to each other and not had a clue

    I had to wear this really short black n white tarten skirt with thigh lenght boots and keep bending over the engine making out I did not have clue.
    You do get loads of perves to those shows who are not there for the reason of the venue

    Eddie Monster Skyline
    I don't blame them when there's someone like you almost wearing a skirt lol.

    Cheeky. I would show you a picture but don't want to come across as a tart. I suppose its bit like you and the Army. Its a job and not necessary you completely. Would that be a good way to put it?

    Eddie Monster Skyline
    Yeah I would say its a good way of saying it. And there's no way you could be called a tart. I believe if you've got it and happy with it then why not show it.

    Eddie Monster Skyline
    Lol that's not good. Why were they trying to do? And how did you find out? Didn't think you could find out untill it was to late. Or I'm just no clued up. My account got hacked a few year ago had some funny photos put up and the status were a bit messed up lol
    13 January

    Some random poster talking crap. Its the suspicious woman in me. lol
    Hay I was thinking about you last night when I was walking home. It was really cold and I was wondering how cold it must have been when you was parachute jumping. Was it cold higher up?
    13 January

    Eddie Monster Skyline
    Yeah it's cold but you've got all your kit on and the wait to jump keeps you warm lol nice to know people think of me lol
    lol I only had a small black dress on. You said you have to wait to jump. why is that?

    Eddie Monster Skyline
    The aircraft has to get to the DZ (drop zone) so your sat waiting for take off then you wait for the load master to say get up then you all stand wait for the tail door to open or side door (depends on how many jump) then you wait for the green light, once it's lite you all start to walk to the doors and jump. Small black dress? Emmm sounds nice lol
    13 January

    Yes if you are nice I mite even treat you to a photo. Wont you get sucked in by the jets going out of the side

    Eddie Monster Skyline
    Cool. And no as the aircraft has no jets google c130 plus you jump from behind the wings lol .
    I promise to be nice lol.

    Wow what's a c130? never heard of it before. Its great hearing your stories you must have so many. I do a lot of time line crystal mythology. Its a sort of linear plane life span thing. For example the first time I had sex you could have been having your first beer and I would be able to work out that day of that beer. lol Don't ask...yet. lol
    So if I was ask you when or what year and month you did your first parachute jump I sould be able to say what I was doing and its a special time in your line I should be able to guess that day you did that special first jump by what I was doing around the same time. Its a connection thing. Go on try me. lol

    Eddie Monster Skyline
    Ok. My first jump was on 19th April 1996 you were just at school lol

    Eddie Monster Skyline
    I sill want my photo lol
    14 January

    Hay I dont even know your real name. Yes I was at school so must have been in RE class at the time. lol Its snowing here how about your place?
    I found my dads army number on a army photo 23759661. did you get a number or is that old stuff now?

    Eddie Monster Skyline
    Lol my real name is Eddie Edwards . And yeah every one gets a number that's how they know who's who and who to pay . My number was 24929558
    We had a bit of snow but then it started to rain so was not happy , wanted to play in the snow lol
    17 January

    Eddie Monster Skyline
    Hope your ok. Not had any questions for the last few days lol. Don't forget it's going to snow so if you di go out in your little dress I want a photo to prove it. Lol

    Hi Sorry been at work craming in before the snow. You will have send me your email addy and if you are good boy I will send you a nice pic. As long as you dont go posting it around, You are a nice boy I hope!

    Eddie Monster Skyline
    Promise I will not post it around . Think it's out of order if people do that. How bad is the snow where you are? It's just started here and I've got to put the gearbox back in my car tomorrow on my drive(oh the joys) lol

    Hi Eddie. Can I call you that? It suits you btw. Was on a glam shot last night had a few cheeky pics taken for Nuts Mag. If you are a very very good boy I might give you a sneak peek before it goes out next month :) I spoke to the editer about you last night as well he siad he wanted to do something about the paras are you intrested? I could hook you up if you want?

    Eddie Monster Skyline
    I am a good boy lol you can call me Eddie or what ever you want to call me. Lol. I've been away from the regt now for 8 year so don't have anything really to do with them. But in sure I can put him in contact with someone . What sort of shoot did you do for nuts?

    Will show you later. I think he wanted to just chat with someone who has been out of the Army for a while so you would fit the bill just right. It would be amazing if you was on teh same mag as me.

    Eddie Monster Skyline
    I'm happy to do that

    Shall I send dave your email address? Oh sorry babe His name is Dave. What ever you do dont tell him im going to send you a pic before its put in the magazine. I would be in bad troubs for it. Is that ok hun?

    Eddie Monster Skyline
    That's ok Hun . I promised not to tell nor show anyone. And yeah by all means past my email over to him. What's the worse that could happen lol

    He is Gay btw but I dont think he will hit on you. lol Hope not pmsl

    Hi you
    Dave is very keen he just told me he sent an Email

    Eddie Monster Skyline
    So do I lol I've just got his email when I get five mins I will reply with the info he has asked.

    Eddie Monster Skyline
    He said in the email you wouldn't shut up about me. Lol thought me ears were on fire.

    nice, not like most men I meet ;)
    chat to that is

    Eddie Monster Skyline
    Good glad to here that. Anyway how's you ? What you done over the weekend with all the snow ? Bet you've been a big kid building snowmen lol.

    Eddie Monster Skyline
    Just been looking at your photos on here and really can't wait to see a more upto date photo as your really cute. Hope you don't mind me saying so. Oh btw Dave has now all the info and a few photos for nuts. Thank you. X

    Thank you. Im blushing now. lol How did you get on with Dave in the end?
  2. Then the NUTs interview

    Dear Mr Edwards

    I believe you are in communications with one our girls Jenny,(you lucky man) First let me introduce myself.

    My name is Dave and I work for IPC Media who publish a weekly Men's Magazine called Nuts.

    My chief editor Dominic Smith has tasked my department with covering all three services of the Armed Forces and we are very keen in getting the life of a veteran from all three. Army, Navy and Air force.

    I myself have never served so I do not have a clue what is what in the forces. Jenny spoke at length about you being a former serving Paratrooper and my eyes lit up.

    Would you be happy to give an online interview about your time in the Para's from the your first day to your training, I hear you paras do a very hard test to get in, Parachute jump training and what it was like how hard it was, passing out and war zones you were in.
    If you could give a brief outline on those topics and then if you are happy I would then ask you to expand on a few points.
    Once we have the article in its full content, I will let you see the finished article before it goes to print. If you are happy we will print it.

    We are aiming to getting this out next month so we are pushed for time. We can send a photographer down but if you have any pictures of you in uniform and or certificates you gained from your training time that would help us speed things along.

    We tend not to pay money but we can arrange for tickets or a good outing somewhere of your choice. Please let me know so I can arrange!

    Oh and Jenny has the hots for you know, lucky lad!

    Hope to hear from you soon

    Kind regards


    Hi Dave I'm More than happy to do the online interview for you .
    Glad to here madam specks so high of me lol bless her she's a good egg.
    Anyway in brief

    I joined the army in 1996 I wanted to be a driver but had point on my DL so that went to shit. So on my RSC. (Recruit selection Center) 24 hr medical and fittness test I found out that one of the tests were a run 3 mile in 25 min or less. But when we got there it had change to 1.5 as a group and 1.5 in 10:30 or less. But for the paras it was 9.30 or less. At this time I had no idea about what regt to join I just wanted in the army. After the RSC you had a interview with the boss of the RSC he/she would give you good news or bad news I was lucky and got the good news that there was a place form me in the army and if I wanted I could go para as I did my run in less than 9.30 so I thought stuff it lets give it a go. When I started my training at Whittington bks , it hits hard on how much fitness was needed so day in day out if not doing weapons drill or other military classes we were doing fitness. We would do an exercise the first one was 48 hr where everyone else was 24hr this went on for 10 weeks before you do your mean pass out.

    This was a magic day for me an the rest of the lads an not forgetting family's and loved one. Once this had been done I got a long weekend leave until I went to cattrick to do part two o the training (trade training) after this 10-12 week of hell I was a solider but not a para. As I needed to pass (p coy ) this was 6 week of fitness on a hell of a scale. When you pass (p coy) you could almost call your self a para just one last thing to do and that was your jumps . This would be done at raf brize norton this is where all your fitness and team work would pay off. Once you had done all your training to jump it was time to get on a (c130) and do your jumps (depending on weather) you had to do 7 day and 1 night to be called a true para and get to wear the wings on your uniform . I will never forgetting first jump , I almost shit myself when the red light went green and I had to move up to the door and jump. But once I had left the aircraft it was the most amazing felling I've ever had , but don't get me wrong I still almost shity self every jump lol.
    Northern Ireland x2
    Bosnia x2
    Iraq X4

    in 2003 I got the chance to transfer to be a driver due to an injury I got that cut my jumps short so I took it and re-cap badged from para to RLC d was attached to a med unit I. Preston Lancashire . This was. Big difference from the paras . More layed back as this was a small unit of about 250 people where in the paras there were 700+
    This is where I did all my Iraq tours apart from 1. I left the army on 28th April 2007. And found out how hard it is out in civvi street. With in two year from leaving I was in debt to my eyes almost lost my house and was told I now suffer with PTSD and was evern more shocked at how much help is NOT for ex service personal from all 3 services. You've got the big charity's like h4h and rbl but they don't really help anyone out. If you want more info let me know

    Sent from my iPhone

    Forgot to say. Where a lot of ex services turn to drink or drugs to help with PTSD or just being a civvi I turned to cars. And modifying them and making your car stand out from the normal. Ie that's how me and Jenny got talking as I drive a nissan skyline r33 full of monster energy decals and have become a big collecter of anything monster energy. ( it keeps me out of the shit ) lol

    Question for you. What was you and Jenny talking about for my name to be said? Lol and I'm in with the photos and answers you have asked for. Just give me a bit of time to dig out some photos.

    Sent from my iPhone

    Sent from my iPhone

    P coy is a week of hell . The stuff we did were
    10mile walk/run called a tab with 35 lbs on your back in full combats and weapon in 1hr 50 mins or less.
    Bloody high assault course just to see how good you are with hights

    Log run
    Half a telephone pole with a 8 man team that's just under 2 mile

    Your in a boxing ring for 60 seconds and you've got to keep going for the full time. It's there to help control aggression
    You also do something called ICFT
    (Infantry mans combat fitness test)
    8 mile in or under 1hr20min
    Once you've past them and other tests you are given your DZ flash (drop zone)
    Depends on what regt you go to depends on the colour of the flash
    This is worn on the right sleeve under your parachute wings once you past the jump course
    When you do the jump course you jump from 800ft on what is called a static line. This means once you leave the aircraft your parachute is pulled for you . The kit you have is
    Full combats
    Drop bag. (Has all your exercise kit in)
    And what ever you might need
    The weapon we used was called
    The sa80 or rifle 5.56
    LSW (light support weapon)
    Depends if you were in a specialist
    Platoon you could carrie part of an anti tank weapon called Milan or mortar or GPMG ( general purpose machine gun) this was a 7.62 round that could fire up to and over 800 rounds per min
    The parachute regiment since I joined have been on tours to
    Northern Ireland
    Sierra leone
    At the moment the 3 regular regiments are 1-2-3 para and the TA is 4para

    Being a ex service member is not as good as you and a lot of people think. There's all these charity's out there making money on the backs of the lads and lasses getting Hurt or killed but the pubic don't see it as they show that they are helping out ex soldiers by giving money to places like combat stress or headley court but a lot of the problems with ex service persons are how to live a normal day to day life where to pay rent and all the other bullshit that comes when we hit civvi street as we get everything paid out of our wage before we get paid. That's why there are so many lads living on the street . There are some small charity's out there that are trying there best to help us out like
    Soldiers of the streets
    Army of angles
    And I'm sure there's more. Hope all this helps . Will get a photo as soon as I can find some for you.

    Sent from my iPhone

    On 20 Jan 2013, at 18:52, wrote:

    Mr Edwards

    What a great start.
    Points I would like to expand on if you would be so kind.

    1 what sort of things did you have to do in the test (P coy)?

    2. On Parachuting and when you was training at brize. How much equipment and what type of equipment did you have to jump with. How high was you on all of the jumps and did you get any certificates of achievement for it? (if you did could you take a picture for the mag) Do you have any of you parachuting even better!

    3.what type of weapons did you have to train with and how heavy.

    4. What were the inter units within the paras that you was with after passing all your tests.

    5. what wars were in with the paras

    Thanks so far if you could attach any para photos that would be a great help

    Kind regards


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  3. Joined in 96 with a 249 no I can smell the shit just by skimming over the post, Nice work SJ!
  4. That certificate is a corker as well. I never got one like that

    FORMER_FYRDMAN LE Book Reviewer

    Walt or not, why is that creature sitting in what appears to be a Primary School/Nursery and holding a cuddly toy? If he is a walt and using deception to gain access to kids, it's more of a concern than the usual sad wannabe who gets rumbled.
  6. Meh.....

  7. Good Lord, that 'certificate' says "Her Majesties Armes Forces"! Would that be the majesties of Queen Elizabeth II and Duchess of Cornwall together? Wowzers!
  8. He has either got mental issues or balls the size of a small planet!
  9. Infuckingspired.

    BTW, is Fulwood Walt Central?
  10. Hang on...the original article is about Jim Maculey, but the rest of the post is about Eddie Edwards? Who are we burning at the stake today?
  11. "Sue Walting". That is just inspired.
  12. The important question is.......did Jenny ever get her tits out? And are there pics?
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  13. I think we need a new TV program, "I'm a big girlie walt, get me out of here" where walts are kidnapped and then encouraged to live out their fantasies by being bundled out of a Herc high over Mali or the Kush! they'd have to film themselves with helmet and wrist cams, but we could give them a fair chance, fifteen minutes of parachute landing training and arm them with "that rifle", what could possibly go wrong?
  14. I bet he has.

    I mean, doesn't anyone ever vet this shite . . ?

    Not sure where 'Chopper 2' was destroyed or where matey saw the Linx (sic) come down. I reckon he could be fibbing :slow:

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