That Italian dude who died

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by cheesypoptart, Mar 6, 2005.

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  1. Is this the bravest thing you've heard since that Medal of Honor was awarded earlier this year?
    Or do you think it's all a bit much?
    And what about the circumstances in which he died? The journalist whom he freed now thinks the Yanks were told to shoot her because they negotiated her release and the US doesn't want anyone to negotiate with terrorists (she's a Communist, BTW).
  2. According to Ms. Sgrena the Americans knew about an Italian covert operation, and waited in an ambush to assisinate the lot of them. Because she's a Communist and a Journalist?


    Let's apply Occams Razor: American Soldiers, manning a PERMANENT, WELL-KNOWN traffic control point observed a vehicle that failed to stop, failed to observe the signs, and failed to obey hand and arm signals. They opened fire to disable the vehicle. Once the vehicle stopped, they immediately rushed the occupants to the hospital. No one in the American chain of command at the site or in the HQ had any prior knowledge of a covert operation mounted by the Italians.

    That same TCP has been the site of many VBIED, RPG and Sniper attacks in the past. A number of Soldiers and innocent civilians died there due to those attacks.

    I believe in 1997 the British lost a Royal because a driver couldn't follow the rules either.
  3. God Bless Nicola Calipari. RIP.
  4. Are you wearing a tin foil hat ?

    Nicola Calipari brave man died doing his job.

    Giuliana Sgrena whining communist jurno with inflated sense of self importance.
  5. Hmm Tracy-Paul I can't help but notice a defensive element to your posts. I don't think anyone here takes what comes out in the press at face value.

    I daresay there are a few people here who are aware of the realities of peacekeeping ops.
  6. daz

    daz LE

    If they wanted her dead, tanks would have been conveniently on maneuvers in the area that day and a HE round would have been piled into the bitches car endex.

    As it is bad luck for the bloke who got slotted,Tough, Next time they might stop the car when ordered.

    Trouble is the Lefty's are still going to scream blue murder and the over reaction by the Italian government is not going to help matters, State funeral ????, come on, lets get real here, guard of Honor at most.

  7. I commented before on the first Italian to be executed by insurgents, and the fact he belittled his executioners before they killed him. This Italian has again shown the world the meaning of defending the weak, even though ‘allied’ forces blew his life away. RIP mate, you did best. Hopefully your being rewarded where ever you are now.
  8. Hey, Italy needs heroes. How many heroes does that country have? Give them someone to look up to.

    I can't wait until the conspiracy theorists link this incident with 9/11, AIDS and how a peanut farmer became president...
  9. You're quite right.

    From your (UK, EU, CIS, PRC, Greenpeace, etc.) point of view, it's self evident that the US has only two things wrong with it: Everything it says and everything it does. Occasionally I like to return the favor and wind up some folks.
  10. It is a great shame that the man has died, however is the media not getting a little carried away with this story?

    Unknown - there was footage of him being interviewed by journalists on Sky News yesterday! Call me old-fashioned, but "Secret agents" don't normally give interviews to the media?
  11. Shame you feel that way. Not all of us are anti- American, in fact some of us have the utmost respect for your country and in particularly, what you did for Europe and the rest of the world in WW2. But that post mate was sh*te. It smacked of paranoia. Wind people up? You haven't developed the skill to even attempt to do so on this site. In fact, you just made one big c*nt of yourself.
  12. I'm not anti-British either, especially after working with your SF, the Para's, and the Queen's Own Highlanders. I've worked or served with every major Army in Europe. I went into combat as a part of a bi-national task force. I don't dwell on WW2 except to glean lessons learned from it and apply them where needed. You needed a hand, we lent you ours.

    I wouldn't be so paranoid if everyone wasn't out to get me... That's a joke BTW.

    It's my experience from the last thirty years that we in the US military will never ever measure up to Europe's expectations. Heck, you guys have Regiments that are older than our country. It's an operating condition which so far hasn't deterred us from carrying out national policy throughout the world.

    It's just the way it is.
  13. 242

    242 Swinger

    Cheesypopyart, I served with the Garibaldi Brigade in Nasiriyah, sound blokes and well up for it, as far as I am concerned they are all heroes, just for being there!.
  14. I don't think Cheesy was belittling the Italian Army or their Intelligence Arm. I think his point was the over-glorification by their media. There's no doubt that what they did to rescue one of their own was incredibly dangerous and praiseworthy.

    Something went wrong with the planning or the actions during withdrawal.

    The same type of incident happened in 1976 at Entebbe when Yoni Netanyahu(sp) died.
  15. And I am sure they are indeed sound blokes. One of my best friend is in the Italian Army - even got invited to my wedding. I meant no criticism of the G.Is or Italians involved on the ground.

    As for heroes in general - I live in the United States now, and I find the extensive use of this label over here tiresome. It's being applied to everyone in the military these days - which to me sounds like another way of saying "I feel guilty because you do such a dirty job". Why a REMF in Kuwait should be as much of a hero as a guy who patrolled in the Triangle of Death, I just can't comprehend. Maybe I should discuss it with my USAR recruiter - he could start a local recruiting campaign with "Future Hero" recruiting bumper stickers...