That holy roller..Kember

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Ex_Duke, Mar 29, 2006.

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  1. Kember 'watched DVD in captivity'

    Norman Kember was held for 117 days
    Freed British hostage Norman Kember has spoken of how he had four months "stolen" from him during his 117 days in captivity in Iraq.
    "The experience of being confined is desperate," Mr Kember, of north-west London, told the Baptist Times.

    The 74-year-old also revealed how his captors had shown him a Christian DVD, about the life of Jesus.

    Yes..........THE LIFE OF BRIAN.
  2. Lucky they showed him that one and not one where he was fed to the lions......
  3. should have shown him ones of Ken Bigley& his mate getting topped then the fandan might have been a bit more gratful for being rescued
  4. :D He is lucky that he didn't see the sharp end of a bayonet lunging towards his neck. He kept his head.....others did not.

    Have you booked your next trip to spread the gospel in Iraq yet, Mr Kember???? :twisted:

  5. Whingeing git! He has come out of this with very little grace. Remind me Mr Kember, how long was Terry Waite held captive? or for that matter, St Paul?
    Bloody lightweight Christians, nail em up I say, nail some sense into em! :D
  6. weird! i mean all these christians doing what they do in iraq, cant really say that the muslim council of great britain are doing a lot in iraq! i may be incorrect, however all i see on the news is white christians in iraq lobbying for peace!
  7. Are they trying to convert the poor ignorant masses?
  8. perhaps he would like to try dealing with the islamic extremists in the UK ghettoes first. charity begins at home, and all that. and less likely to get taken hostage and murdered.
  9. I note that Kember said nothing about the small Christian community in Iraq,who's churches were fired,and who's worshippers were killed.He also lists one of his hobbies as 'collecting antique baths!'
  10. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Well,after 4 month's in the hole,he probably needs one!
  11. The casualty figures for the Jehovahs Witnesses over there must be horrendous.
  12. you kidding? islamic extremists are human too. when the doorbell goes, they hide behind the sofa like every other fucka.
  13. Anyone got any good Kember jokes yet?
  14. The likes of Kember are not worth the resources to save. If Mr Christian want to go to Iraq and try to stop the War then let him get on with it. If he gets captured by insugents then thats hes tough S**t.

    And I hope the donations from his happy clappy church paid for his airfare back to London!!!