That gay military Dating advert.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Robert_Da_Hero, May 6, 2010.

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  1. I'v seen it on here before, maybe its accepted on navy net, but what the heckries, who's browsed it and more importantly who's on it come on fess up chaps and eer chapettes :p
  2. It's fcuking pump. Go onto ladslads, fitlads or gaydar if you're looking for c0ck, Robert.
  3. :lol: thanks for the heads up babes.
  4. You cnut, I googled that.
  5. Talking about holes in a gay site thread. My gaydars fully flickering.
  6. Bunch of closet pervs, nobodys willing to come forward as they say.
  7. am i aloud to call you all Queer :D or is that sexist
  8. For the record Jay, im not that way inclined myself, but who knows after a shandy or two. I was merely trying to find out the percentage of curious arrser's.
  9. Is this someone looking for a rise or taking one?

    I'm not gay but I'm considered stunningly handsome by those who've never seen me.

    I tend to park my Catamite without the Temple.
  10. Oh, you're out to out are you?

    I'm Spartacus.
  11. Yes, Call me Meridius.
  12. Fackin eck that dont sound to good "for the record your not gay" but you'd take one after a shandy hahahahahahaha beautiful..
  13. Your loss.
  14. What, a Mick wedding band?

  15. Never guess you're from Yorkshire.